Gabehart runs Whiteland

By Stephanie Lingenfelter Editor in Chief Since 2015, Norm Gabehart has been hard at work as Whiteland’s town manager. As town manager, his main job is to oversee town administration, though his daily tasks can vary greatly. Gabehart was hesitant to take the position at first. “Honestly, I was reluctant at first. When I came... Continue Reading →


Restaurant review: Agapé Pizza

By Abby Allen Managing Editor Greenwood’s Agape Pizza’s “Pizza with a purpose” is not only rich in fresh ingredients and flavor, but also in consideration for others. Owners Tom and Angie Wilhelmi “un-retired” to open up this restaurant for the opportunity to provide pasta and pizza meals, employment and a helping hand to others who... Continue Reading →

Video game review: Moonlighter

By Mason Pendleton Feature Editor “Moonlighter” is a quirky dungeon crawler that released late 2017. The game play is simple in a dungeon with an ever changing layout, and you can sell the things you find at your shop. Moonlighter itself gives quite the challenge. It gives a healthy dose of difficulty to its puzzles.... Continue Reading →

NCAA coaches abuse power

By Jakob Ronimous Staff Reporter Many students who graduate high school go on to attend college as a student athlete, including students from WCHS. However, recently there has been a debate over the treatment of college athletes, such as the case of Jordan McNair, who died of heatstroke during a forced running session. His coach,... Continue Reading →

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