NCAA coaches abuse power

By Jakob Ronimous Staff Reporter Many students who graduate high school go on to attend college as a student athlete, including students from WCHS. However, recently there has been a debate over the treatment of college athletes, such as the case of Jordan McNair, who died of heatstroke during a forced running session. His coach,... Continue Reading →


Athletes give back to WCHS

By Whitney Black Entertainment Editor Athletes showing exemplary leadership skills are invited to be part of a group that brings them all together into a group of hardworking leaders. The Athletic Leadership Council is a group of athletes that show leadership on and off the field. This group allows students to give back to the... Continue Reading →

Varsity athletes train hard

By Kobe King Staff Reporter Being an athlete in high school adds work to students’ already busy schedules. Being a varsity athlete adds even more pressure, but most athletes strive to reach that varsity level. Becoming a varsity athlete takes even more time, hard work and dedication. Varsity basketball player Chase Ferguson joined the high... Continue Reading →

Stay in shape out of school

By Halie Wingo Opinion Editor Students looking for an exciting new place to work out should consider martial arts like kickboxing or Jiu Jitsu. When searching for a activity to participate in after school, students should consider classes offered at 9Round and Indiana Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy (IBJJA). These are two places in Greenwood that... Continue Reading →

Sears and Croy spearhead WCHS athletics

By Emma Gibson Staff Reporter Many students in Whiteland Community High School participate in sports, but they may not know who puts everything together as well as who ensures everything is provided for the athletic events. The face of Athletics is Director Ken Sears, who has been working in the Clark Pleasant School Corporation for... Continue Reading →

OPINION: Make more sports available to students

By Emma Gibson Staff Reporter Schools should have more sport options available for student athletes so that there are more than the “traditional school sports.” When people think of school sports, they think of football, soccer, cheer, baseball, swimming or basketball, rather than mixed martial arts, skateboarding or dodgeball. If schools provided these sports for... Continue Reading →

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