Extinction rates spark Holocene theory

By Stephanie Lingenfelter Editor in Chief An estimated .001 to .1 percent of all species go extinct each year, which means we lose 200 to 2000 species yearly, according to experts at World Wildlife Foundation. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, more than 26,500 species are threatened with extinction. That extinction rate... Continue Reading →


Use caution when gifting pets

By Mason Pendleton Feature Editor Easter baskets are often filled with many springtime goodies, and live rabbits can oftentimes be among the mix. According to National Geographic, rabbits are the third most popular pet in America, and their sales soar astronomically around Easter. Tragically, despite their great sales and cute looks, National Geographic also states... Continue Reading →

Young women join boy scouts program

By Halie Wingo Opinion Editor In February 2018, the decision was made to allow girls to participate in Boy Scouts. Now, females are involved more at camps with separate girls troops. Ransburg Scout Reservation in Bloomington Indiana allowed girl campers before in Venture Crews or in international scouting groups. Ransburg Scout Reservation has many counselors... Continue Reading →

Come one, come all, to Econ Mall

By Jaelin Engle News Editor According to Social Studies teacher Casey Moeller, Econ Mall has been at WCHS for a little over a decade. This is an activity where Economics students produce and market a product for others to purchase. Econ Mall will be held on March 13 and the 14 during periods one, two,... Continue Reading →

Mental health effects students worldwide

By Tiniya Bailey Staff Reporter Mental disorders such as ADHD, depression and anxiety are very common in teenagers.. Each individual requires a different support system and these disorders all can affect people in different ways. But there are various ways that you can cope with mental issues that can be healthy or unhealthy. According to... Continue Reading →

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