Upcoming senior events to finish up the 2019 school year

By Matthew Grube Staff Reporter After many years of schooling, the senior class is only days away from graduating. The culmination of years of hard work has paid off. A chapter of seniors’ lives will be ending as a new story begins. Students will grow into adulthood and adapt into the real world. Graduation is... Continue Reading →


Balanced calendar balances life

By Mason Pendleton Feature Editor For many, school can be a stressful time for students. In an article by Forbes, schools in 2018 have become much more stressful from major things like school shootings to the most simple problems like fad changes. According to Forbes, by breaking up a school year throughout it allows for... Continue Reading →

Vaccines necessary for children

By Jakob Ronimous Staff Reporter Vaccines have become a hot topic recently, due to families refusing to vaccinate themselves and their children, citing health concerns. Many “Anti-Vaxxers” cite studies that show a link between children who have been vaccinated and Autism rates. However, there are many reasons why scientists believe that the sources the “anti... Continue Reading →

New Green Deal tries to help planet

By Stephanie Lingenfelter Editor in Chief Another deal has made its way to capitol hill, this one being called the New Green Deal. According to gelfny.org, this deal has the goal of converting our current fossil fuel economy into an environmentally friendly economy and adding an Economic Bill of Rights. Its basis arose from former... Continue Reading →

Extinction rates spark Holocene theory

By Stephanie Lingenfelter Editor in Chief An estimated .001 to .1 percent of all species go extinct each year, which means we lose 200 to 2000 species yearly, according to experts at World Wildlife Foundation. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, more than 26,500 species are threatened with extinction. That extinction rate... Continue Reading →

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