Loudermilk teaches Spear-It

By Abby Allen Managing Editor Business classes and the Preparing for College and Careers class are offered at WCHS to aid students in building the knowledge and experience for their futures. Business and Preparing for College Careers teacher Kyle Loudermilk has taken his lessons one step further: opening a business specifically for business students to... Continue Reading →


Brain over Brawn: Sports of the mind at WCHS

By Jakob Ronimous Staff Reporter Sports are usually physical in nature; however, a growing section of sports where participants use their heads instead of their muscles have risen in popularity. These sports have been dubbed sports of the mind. Primary examples of these sports are chess, checkers and backgammon. Many students at WCHS are also... Continue Reading →

Zobel: Principal of the year

By Alyssa Daniels Sports Editor WCHS Principal Tom Zobel was honored for the second time with the title Principal of the Year in October 2018. There are 12 school districts, and The Indiana Association of Principals (IASP) picks one high school, middle school and elementary school principal from these 12 districts to be nominated. Then,... Continue Reading →

A look into the daily life of “No-Delay Spray”

By Abby Allen Managing Editor Superintendents do much more than call two-hour delays; they’re called “super” for a reason! Before he was Clark-Pleasant’s superintendent, Spray held positions of superintendent, assistant superintendent, and principal in Hendricks County schools. Since then, he’s woken up each morning to create a learning environment for all students in this school... Continue Reading →

CPCSC welcomes new school board members

By Alyssa Daniels Sports Editor Coming in January of 2019, there will be three new school board members taking position at at Clark-Pleasant Community Schools: Beth Poe, Lauren Cope and Isaac Brewer. In this position, school board members are to be responsible to think of the children first. There are meetings every month to discuss... Continue Reading →

WCHS offers college credit

By Whitney Black Entertainment Editor WCHS offers a variety of courses for students who are interested in college level classes. Ones who love a challenging course or being ahead of the game may be interesting in the substantial amount of college credits WCHS offers. There are college courses such as advanced placement and dual credit... Continue Reading →

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