Restaurant Review: Benjamin’s

By Amy Clark Staff Reporter Right by the courthouse in Franklin, there is a little coffee shop called Benjamin’s Coffeehouse. When I entered, I was immediately fascinated by the small shop. It looked like something you’d see on Tumblr. The staff were extremely nice and helpful, considering I’m not as big of a coffee fan... Continue Reading →


TV Show Review: Ted Bundy Tapes

By Halie Wingo Opinion Editor “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” is an amazing show about the serial killer Ted Bundy. A reporter went to the prison he was in to write a book based on the conversations. This show was so well done and it made you really think about what it... Continue Reading →

Album review: Thank U, Next

By Alyssa Daniels Sports Editor Ariana Grande dropped a new album “Thank U, Next” on Feb. 8. This album is to reflect how much she has been through in the past two years. She released the song “Thank U, Next” six months before the album and it was number one on the Billboard 100. I... Continue Reading →

Video game Review: APEX Legends

By Brayden Lennart Staff Reporter Respawn Entertainment’s “Apex Legends” is a free-to-play battle royale game published by Electronic Arts. The game is based in the same universe as Respawn’s other hit title “Titanfall” and features many similar gameplay features. “Apex Legends” is nearly a masterpiece, and definitely a fresh face in the popular world of... Continue Reading →

Movie review: How to Train Your Dragon 3

By Abby Allen Managing Editor “How to Train Your Dragon Three: The Hidden World,” came out on Feb. 22 and blew me away. Berk became a target to dragon hunters. While Berk tries to relocate to the Hidden World, the safe haven for all dragons, Toothless meets another Night Fury and immediately bonds with her.... Continue Reading →

Book review: Empty bottles

By Whitney Black Entertainment Editor “Empty Bottles Full of Stories” is a collaboration anthology by Robert M. Drake and R.H. Sin. This book is full of poems of heartbreak and self-acceptance. These poems are short and powerful and written for those who have gone through a tough break-up and need to see the brighter side... Continue Reading →

Chain v. Local Restaurants

Local El Abuelo v. Chain On the Border By Stephanie Lingenfelter Editor in Chief El Abuelo is a local Mexican restaurant and On the Border is a Mexican chain restaurant in the United States. El Abuelo, located in Whiteland, has been my favorite Mexican restaurant for many years now and On the Border has never... Continue Reading →

Album review: Icarus Falls

By Stephanie Lingenfelter Editor in Chief Former One Direction member, Zayn Malik, released his second album, “Icarus Falls,” on Dec. 14 and compared to “Mind of Mine,” it missed the mark. Everything sounded too electronic and edited, which was disappointing because I know Zayn has a beautiful voice and was always my favorite in 1D.... Continue Reading →

TV Show review: You

By Alyssa Daniels Sports Editor On Jan. 18 Netflix released a new show, “You.” This show is about a man meeting a woman in a bookstore and he becomes obsessed with her and stalks her until they start dating. He ends up doing some cruel and immoral things behind her back without her knowing at... Continue Reading →

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