Dance the night away at the masquerade prom

By Abby Allen
Managing Editor

First come the prom-posals with balloons, signs and flowers, then the dance with the dresses, nails and limos, all rolling into one fabulous masquerade themed night. The big date is Apr. 27 from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. at the Scottish Rite Cathedral with a trip to Kentucky Kingdom the following day.

Special Education Teacher Gina Constantine has sponsored the prom committee for as long as she’s worked at Whiteland, though she cannot remember exactly how long, and every year has been a little different.

Similarly, every year has had a different theme. Prom 2018 was a Starry Night Theme, while this year is a masquerade theme. Constantine explains how the prom planning process begins.

“Prom planning actually starts your sophomore year, so the upcoming junior class. By junior year, we’re squaring things away financially, we did the Powderpuff, and the volleyball tournament this year, and other fund raisers we have vary year to year as the class decides them,” Constantine said.

Class of 2020 and president of the prom committee, junior Allie Watson, explains a bit about the tough task of raising enough money for the event as well as trying to keep everyone happy.

“The hardest part of prom committee is trying to host events all year to raise money for prom and at the same time, become prepared for the night itself and not forget about anything,” Watson said.

Senior prom can be one of the most momentous occasions in a student’s high school career, and even though tickets (running at $50 online, $55 in person), dresses, tuxes, dinners and limos can run a high price, it proves to be worth it almost every moment of the evening. Senior Sania Wimbush touches on the night’s significance to her.

“Prom is the only night high school students can show out the style and live free and have fun before seniors have to go into the real world,” Wimbush said.

This year, the prom is going all out with the formal masquerade ball theme with an aim at creating a “Phantom of the Opera” ball feel. Watson encourages all attendees to dress to impress in their best masks and gowns.

“My favorite part about being in charge of prom was getting to pick out decorations and the theme for this year along with a lot of the things for royalty. The theme was presented by one of our class officers and was such a good idea! We are hoping to have centerpieces that are “Phantom of the Opera” masks as well as have people wear masks like at a ball,” Watson said. “Students should expect a lot of dancing and a darker theme than last year and should come prepared by wearing a masquerade mask!”

While the popular trend is to ask that special someone to the dance with a cheesy, sweet ‘prom-posal’, going with a date isn’t for everyone. The night can be enjoyed just as much, if not more so, if spent with a group of friends. Wimbush plans to spend the evening with her friends.

“Not that everyone shouldn’t have a date but it’s nice to have one so you can spend that night with the people that you love in your life,” Wimbush said.

For many, prom has become an existential part of every student’s high school memories and Watson and her team cannot wait to share their hard work with you at the ball the eve of Apr. 27 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral.


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