Athletes give back to WCHS

By Whitney Black
Entertainment Editor

Athletes showing exemplary leadership skills are invited to be part of a group that brings them all together into a group of hardworking leaders. The Athletic Leadership Council is a group of athletes that show leadership on and off the field. This group allows students to give back to the community and the school.

The Athletic Leadership Council was created by the athletic department and Assistant Athletic Director Todd Croy about four years ago. Croy discussed what the council is.

“The Athletic Leadership Council is a group we put together to try to have coaches identify kids on their teams that could help lead and be good role models for our community and our school and try to help underclassmen and lead them through being on a sports team,” Croy said.

The council is a group of students who show traits in leadership and are good role models in the school.

“We have volunteered before at Gleaners Food Bank. They work the concession stands sometimes and help with eighth grade orientation night. They have gone to the elementary schools and read to kids. Some of the members attend the IHSAA State Leadership Conference. We try to help work with spirit group and picking theme nights. We will have a donation drive in May. One of the members is supposed to go to Haiti and we are going to do a school drive to collect school supplies, if she gets to go,” Croy said.

The president of the Athletic Leadership Council is senior Reese Johnson. She was selected president after being a part of the council for two years.

“As president, I am in charge of running our monthly meetings. I help to organize the group’s ideas to better the athletic program as well as better the school’s spirit amongst the student body,” Johnson said.

The students in this group are able to become better leaders and are great role models for students to look up to.

“Being a part of this group has helped me become more of a leader. It teaches me that I can be a role model for students on and off the tennis court, and it has taught me the importance of school spirit. We have such a better atmosphere when students are more engaged in all of the activities the school has to offer,” Johnson said.

This council is not only beneficial for the members, but also students around the school who enjoy going to school games. Junior Toni Joyner has been a part of it for two years so far. Joyner discussed how the council helps bring students together throughout the school.

“It helps bring students together to support each other. We’re the ones who recommend giving out things like tacos, free shirts, etc,” Joyner said.

Since Joyner has been a part of the council, she has been able to attend a leadership conference and work with younger students.

“I have gone to the junior leadership conference, the IHSAA leadership conference, and worked at the middle school night that the high school hosts. I have also worked with the special Olympics,” Joyner said.

This group helps out the community and is an important addition to this school to help make the school more positive.


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