Stay in shape out of school

By Halie Wingo
Opinion Editor

Students looking for an exciting new place to work out should consider martial arts like kickboxing or Jiu Jitsu. When searching for a activity to participate in after school, students should consider classes offered at 9Round and Indiana Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy (IBJJA). These are two places in Greenwood that offer classes to people interested in self defense or martial arts.

9Round trainer Briana Baird said that it is exciting to work at 9Round and it is a great environment to work out and better yourself in.

“I enjoy working at 9Round. It is a very energetic environment and the trainers you work with make the job even better,” Baird said.

Baird also said that 9Round has no class times; they only have times that the gym is open where anyone can come in to do a 30-minute workout. The gym is open through the week from 5:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and then reopens from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. Baird explained that the trainers have high energy and everyone in there is coming to work out and make themselves better, mentally and physically.

“Most of the time when people come in, they’re coming to work out, so if the trainers are high in energy nothing can really stop you,” Baird said.

Martial arts are good for the mind and the body and can help students stay in shape during the off-season. Students getting involved in martial arts can keep themselves in shape and keep on track for when the season starts and keep their mind sharp, according to James and AJ Clingerman own and operate the Indiana Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy (IBJJA) in Greenwood and have many classes for kids, teens and adults.

“We have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, women’s only boot camp, women’s only Jiu Jitsu, a kettlebell conditioning program, kids Jiu Jitsu, kids mixed martial arts, self defense,” James said.

AJ explained that people enjoy their time in the gym and form great relationships with the people they are training with.

“From the people coming in, they are coming in for self defense or weight loss or competition and a big part of what they find is a community. Their best friends end up being people who came in to train,” AJ Clingerman said.

James Clingerman said that their gym is like a family. They are all close to one another, help each other out, train together in the gym and spend time together outside of the gym.

“We are kind of like a big family. We have a really good environment. Everyone is friendly and really tries to help each other. In Jiu Jitsu, people help people get better and in turn help other people get better. We have people that help each other with their vehicles or help each other move, cook for each other. It’s crazy to see how many people associate with each other outside of class,” James Clingerman said.

These two martial arts gyms in Greenwood are helpful places to go to when looking for a sport to participate in during the off-season, or for anyone to participate in. Keeping yourself in shape is important, and these places can keep your body and mind in shape.


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