Come one, come all, to Econ Mall

By Jaelin Engle
News Editor

According to Social Studies teacher Casey Moeller, Econ Mall has been at WCHS for a little over a decade. This is an activity where Economics students produce and market a product for others to purchase. Econ Mall will be held on March 13 and the 14 during periods one, two, five, six and eight.

WCHS Junior Lily Cain elaborated on the subject of Econ Mall and what students do during this event.

“Econ Mall is an opportunity for students to choose an item to sell and acquire various skills, from a business standpoint, through trial/error,” Cain said.

When it comes to the Econ Mall, a major process that the students have to go through would have to be deciding which product would give them the most success. WCHS Senior Sania Wimbush discussed how the students gather this type of information.

“When preparing for Econ Mall, students have to pick a certain topic that they believe they are going to sell during the event. When surveying, you basically ask other students if they would buy this product, what price they would pay for it and how much of the product they would buy. Many calculations have to be performed so you can know how much of the product you need to purchase in order to have plenty of the event,” Wimbush said.

Wimbush had to do several surveys to figure out what would best fit the students.

“When it comes to deciding a product, the students have to make sure that they are keeping the interest in the consumers. They have to produce an item that would cause their profits to rise to extreme measures. After great consideration, I have decided that muffins would be the best product for me to sell,” Wimbush said.

When it comes to Moeller grading the students for Econ Mall, it is not like being graded on a test or project.

“Students are not graded based off of their success or failure of the project like as far as profits or loses. They are mainly graded based off of their planning process. Have they been applying what they have learned in class properly,” Moeller said.

Wimbush explained the benefits of Econ Mall.

“Econ Mall really helps me to understand what it would be like to be a producer. I get to create my own stuff, do the research and I get to earn money for the product that I dedicated my time to. This class really helps me understand all of the other job opportunities that I may have along with how the business aspect of life truly works,” Wimbush said.

Econ Mall is an event that all the students can enjoy. Everyone can walk around the LGI to see all of the different types of products they can choose to buy.

There are always many creative and new things that you can see people selling at this event. Moeller explained one of the weird items sold at this event.

“One year we had someone set up a booth so that students could take pictures with the Easter bunny. I have also had a couple of kids do pet rocks. Of course you don’t think that anyone would buy it, but they did exceedingly well,” Moeller said.

Econ Mall is an engaging experience for the students who are learning and the students who are purchasing products.

Make sure that you bring money to school on March 13 and 14 if one of your teachers signs up. There should be lots of yummy food for students to enjoy.


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