Chain v. Local Restaurants

Local El Abuelo v. Chain On the Border

By Stephanie Lingenfelter
Editor in Chief

El Abuelo is a local Mexican restaurant and On the Border is a Mexican chain restaurant in the United States. El Abuelo, located in Whiteland, has been my favorite Mexican restaurant for many years now and On the Border has never stacked up in comparison.

I’m a vegetarian and usually, Mexican restaurants have a vegetarian section on their menu, but On the Border in Greenwood does not and even their red sauce contains meat. You have to be careful in making sure you’re ordering something that doesn’t have meat hidden in it.

El Abuelo, on the other hand, has a vegetarian section on their menu with many options for everyone’s taste buds, even meat eaters. My family, who are all meat eaters, also agree that El Abuelo beats On the Border with their meat dishes. The atmosphere of El Abuelo is also much better. You can hear the cooks and waiters singing along to music in the back and the waiters get to know you.

on the border

There are a couple waiters who recognize me whenever I go in now and remember my order. Most waiters at El Abuelo always have a smile on their face and joke around with you, making you feel welcome. You just can’t get that at a chain restaurant.

In terms of pricing, El Abuelo and On the Border are about the same and both are reasonable, so I would always choose El Abuelo, where you’re guaranteed better, more authentic food served with a smile.


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