Zobel: Principal of the year

By Alyssa Daniels
Sports Editor

WCHS Principal Tom Zobel was honored for the second time with the title Principal of the Year in October 2018.

There are 12 school districts, and The Indiana Association of Principals (IASP) picks one high school, middle school and elementary school principal from these 12 districts to be nominated. Then, IASP selects one principal from all 12 districts to actually receive this honor. Zobel was selected from our district, District 9.

Zobel also won this honor in 2007 while working at Shelbyville schools. Being picked twice is an honor for him. Zobel described how he felt when he found out that he had won.

“It’s obviously an honor to be recognized by your peers and it kind of validates some of the good stuff we have going on here that people outside this building are looking at our school and saying, ‘Well, I like what’s happening there,’” Zobel said.

Everyday Zobel tries to be the best principal he can be for the students and staff and to make sure everything is going well in the building.

“I just try to make sure that teachers and students have an opportunity to be successful and have the best days that they possibly can,” Zobel said. “My job, I think, is to remove obstacles that get in the way of what should be going on in the classroom, and so each day when I come in, I try to make sure that we have a nice, calm learning environment for both the students and staff.”

Superintendent Patrick Spray was proud, but not surprised, when he heard that Zobel received principal of the year, since he’s a “leader and an exemplar of character and integrity.” Spray explained who Zobel is to the student body and himself.

“He is a very hard worker and wants to do whatever is necessary to put programs and people in place so that students have a great experience at WCHS,” Spray said. “Beyond his work as an educator, he is a great human being who invests in other people more than he does himself.”

Being a principal is a great deal of work and can take up a lot of time. This position involves coming in early to get things ready and then leaving late to prepare for the next day. Spray discussed Zobel’s work ethic in a normal day.

“The job of high school principal is very demanding and is quite frankly the hardest job in the school district,” Spray said “Mr. Zobel arrives early and leaves late to meet these challenges each day.”

Secretary Erin Brock has been assisting Zobel since November of 2014. Brock is around him for most of the day helping him out. She was excited for Zobel’s award and found it as a wonderful accomplishment. Brock described why she thinks he won this honor.

“He works hard to make sure the staff is working toward their goals and helping the students have the best resources,” Brock said.

His hard work has been recognized not once, but twice. Congratulations on earning Principal of the Year Zobel!


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