Senior say goodbye to their last high school season

By Whitney Black
Entertainment Editor

The 2019 seniors are taking on all of their lasts. Their last high school game, dance and pep rallies. Despite all the lasts, seniors are also taking on the beginning of a new chapter in their life. Some go off to college, trade school or even start their career. Whatever they do after graduation, senior year is full of many bittersweet moments. One of those include senior athletes in their last high school seasons.

Senior Mika Long has run track every year in high school. Long has many emotions going into his last season, but overall he is excited and ready to accomplish his goals.

“I’m very excited but also nervous because I want to end my last high school season of track on a high note and accomplish my goals,” Long said.

Long has set many goals for this season to ensure he ends his high school track career successfully.

“Go to state in the mile and running in the low 4:20’s; hopefully to run faster than 4:20 run sub 2 minutes in the 800,” Long said.

Being in a sport and working on a team can be beneficial to some students by teaching lifelong skills. The senior athletes have put in many hours of hard work and dedication throughout their four years at WCHS. Track has taught Long the value of hard work and dedication.

“Hard work gets you far in life. Work smarter, not harder. Don’t overthink. If it’s what you’re passionate about, keep pursuing with everything,” Long said.

Along with skills learned in sports, there are also coaches and even teammates who can impact a person on the team.

Long’s coaches made an impact on him and taught him how to be the athlete he is today.

“Coach Emerson and Bangel. They’ve taught me how to push myself and become a better person/athlete overall,” Long said.

Long is one of the many seniors closing up their high school athletic career here at WCHS. Senior Madalyn Napier learned many lessons throughout her high school career playing basketball.

“I’ve learned to be a team player and keep my head up and stay focused when I’m not doing so well,” Napier said.

The senior athletes are putting on their Whiteland gear one last time and leaving their mark. Senior Megan Harlow, who is a part of the girls basketball team, is ready for new beginnings after high school.

“It’s sad to say that this is my last year of high school basketball and I am going to miss it, but I know there are bigger and better things out there and I am ready to move forward and play at the next level,” Harlow said.

Senior athletes will hold onto the memories they made during their career here. Senior Taylor Mirowski is also on the girls basketball team. She will hold onto the memories of summer camps.

“Some of my favorite memories would be attending all of the summer team camps all four years. There’s always good memories made there,” Mirowski said.

Mirowski, along with the other seniors, is feeling the bittersweetness of it being the last season. She gives a piece of advice to the underclassmen.

“Play every game like its your last. The last comes sooner than you think,” Mirowski said.

Long tells underclassmen athletes to have fun, work hard and value the coaches.

“The coaches are always there to help you. The coaches don’t hate you, they push you to help you become a better athlete. Listen to your coaches! They know what they are doing. Work hard, stay focused, don’t give up when it starts to get hard and have fun,” Long said.


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