OPINION: Make more sports available to students

By Emma Gibson
Staff Reporter

Schools should have more sport options available for student athletes so that there are more than the “traditional school sports.”

When people think of school sports, they think of football, soccer, cheer, baseball, swimming or basketball, rather than mixed martial arts, skateboarding or dodgeball.

If schools provided these sports for students who are talented in these other sports that aren’t necessarily considered a school sport, more students would be able to have the opportunity for more scholarships, and have an overall higher quality of physical/mental health.

The main focuses of school sports is being a part of something that you can commit to, as well as working together and having a distraction from school.

Daily life and school, especially in high school, can be stressful at times because students are overwhelmed by learning all day and then having to go do more school work.

School sports and athletic activities allow for students to focus on things other than school and they also allow students to have fun without worrying about their studies.

There are benefits to having non-traditional sports, such as student athletes being able to be a part of something that is more of an individual sport or for students who may not “fit the mold” for traditional team sports, according to spokesman.com.

Boxing is a great cardio sport and it teaches self defense, which is much needed especially in high school.

According to Kaboutjie.com, boxing also teaches athletes how to focus because when boxing, the athlete has to focus on where to direct their jabs/punches, etc.

According to everskate.com, skateboarding is great for burning calories, and staying active because there is a wide range of motions. It is great for flexibility, pain tolerance and endurance because often skateboarders tend to utilize their time, rather than practicing their skills for 10 minutes.

Another sport that can be really beneficial is hockey because it is good for cardiovascular endurance, enhancing muscular strength and improving coordination and balance, according to livestrong.com.

Some argue that schools may not have contact sports because they are considered dangerous sports. Another reason would be that most schools just don’t have space to provide a facility for these sports.

WCHS Principal Tom Zobel believes that contact sports such as boxing could be dangerous, but have perks as well.

“The downside is the concern for injury and long term effects and the space that it would take to have something like that,” Zobel said.

Often schools don’t have much space for extra activities, especially for athletics, because of the other school sports that occupy the space needed. Boxing is also more of an individual sport, so the “team factor” wouldn’t apply to this sport as much as the other “traditional sports,” such as football or baseball, that are more team related.

Although those could be potential reasons for not having certain sports, schools can be connected with facilities that are already made for these sports and have sign up sheets and recruitments for these sports, just like any other sport that is considered a school sport.

The high school sports that we already have, such as football and swimming, can be dangerous, but with the correct training and protective gear, the students would be safe.

According to livescience.com, the most dangerous sports in America include basketball, ranking in as the number one injury treated in emergency rooms, and football in third place.

More than half a million people had basketball related injuries last year, and there were around 418,000 football related injuries.

Having more sport options for students would be beneficial not only for their bodies but to also provide scholarships to colleges.

With schools having more opportunities for students, more students are likely to graduate and go on to college because they will be able to get a scholarship from their talent, and overall students will have more fun playing sports they enjoy. Also more students would participate in sports.


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