Loudermilk teaches Spear-It

By Abby Allen
Managing Editor

Business classes and the Preparing for College and Careers class are offered at WCHS to aid students in building the knowledge and experience for their futures.

Business and Preparing for College Careers teacher Kyle Loudermilk has taken his lessons one step further: opening a business specifically for business students to run on their own and make money for their needs.

Loudermilk is currently developing a clothing outlet to help students learn the ropes of business and to promote school pride amongst the student body.

“We are looking to create a ‘Spear-It Wear’ store that offers clothing apparel and accessories for students and staff. We want this because we are looking to build our school spirit,” Loudermilk said.

The inspiration for this project was simple.

“The students. I saw a lot of students not wearing school colors, and one way to build school spirit is to get students and staff wearing our logo around the halls and in the classrooms,” Loudermilk said.

Once the business is underway, students will be able to visit the on-campus store to purchase their spirit wear.

Students will be able to apply for a job there like any other first job.

Not only will this establishment benefit the students’ school spirit and performance, but “Spear-it wear” will also benefit the school through its business proceeds. These proceeds will return to the classes that help run the business to pay for things such as field trips and pitch-ins.

“The proceeds will go back to the student body. The classes I teach will use those proceeds to cover costs for field trips, free apparel, classroom pitch ins, etc. I like to live by the saying ‘work hard, play hard.’ If we can meet sales goals, we will have a lot of fun,” Loudermilk said.

As a test run, Loudermilk has sold a few items at school events to see how they would do.

“We have been doing dry runs to see if people are purchasing our goods. So far, we’ve managed to sell over 1,000 t-shirts, 150 rally towels and 300 pens,” Loudermilk said.

Junior Chase Ferguson has Loudermilk as a teacher and benefits from Loudermilk’s business experience and teaching practices.

“This benefits the class as a whole by giving the students a better understanding of what the business industry is like and what business employers are looking for. This also gives the students an edge over other students from different schools whose teacher just teaches out of the book,” Ferguson said. “Milk incorporates his business experiences in his teachings by being able to provide real life experiences and teach his students what businesses want out of possible future employees.”

Loudermilk works and plans each and every day for this business. Starting a business is not easy, but with years of experience in the business world and a strong passion for the benefit of his students who learn from him each day, a little goes a long way.


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