WCHS honors athletes monthly

By Kobe King
Staff Reporter

Every month WCHS athletic director Ken Sears and assistant athletic director Todd Croy pick a student athlete to be athlete of the month. Athlete of the month is sponsored by local newspaper, The Daily Journal. . This month’s athletes of the month are varsity basketball player and senior Taylor Klenner and varsity wrestler and senior Kobe King.

Sears stated that there is no requirement to become an athlete of the month and explained how the decision is made.

“[There is] no real requirement to become the athlete of the month. It is sponsored by the Daily Journal. They ask us to send names for athlete and sportsmanship for [them to pick]. Normally a varsity athlete who has done something outstanding. Each coach submits a name from their team and I select a name for that list, ” Sears said.

Sears said if a student wants to see the new athlete of the month, the student can look on the wall across from the weight room, but the athletic department also releases a monthly newsletter to share the new athlete of the month and other news. When chosen, Sears or Croy interview the athlete with a series of questions so people can get to know them better.

Sears said that a good reason for students to want to become the athlete of the month is so the student athlete can be recognized for their hard work.

Isaiah Hurt, one of last month’s athletes, said getting recognized makes him believe that hard work does pay off.

“I became athlete of the month by working hard in the weight room, and in the classroom, also the wrestling mat. I’ve been working harder to get even better and it proves that hard work does pay off,” Hurt said.

Taylor Klenner said she works hard everyday and always tries to do her best. Klenner also stated that basketball is all she does and she just keeps doing what she’s been doing to be successful. Klenner has signed to Indiana University South Bend, where she will be studying Biochemistry and also working on her minor in Psychology.

Athlete of the month is sponsored by Daily Journal, so the athletes are shared in their paper for all to see. All athletes have a chance to get athlete of the month if their coach thinks they are worthy.


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