Senate and House flip in election

By Jakob Ronimous
Staff Reporter

After the 2018 Midterm Elections, the democrats gained the 23 seats needed to reach a majority in the House of Representatives, and the republicans maintained their majority for the Senate.

Before the election, both sides were ramping up the ante on pushing for people to go out and “vote blue” or “vote red,” hoping to churn out more voters for their respective parties. Votes from younger people also increased in 2018. According to Refinery29 “31% of 18-to-29-year-olds voted in the midterms this year, representing a 50% increase from 2014.”

Because democrats now have a majority in the House, people have been claiming a democratic win, as they gained 27 seats, according to Others have said that the Senate flipping to republican was more of a win for republicans. This resulted in people unsure about which party really won, but both parties are happy with what they gained.

Bradley Hicks is a government teacher at WCHS and he preps students on all sorts of government topics.

“Democrats won the house no doubt and they should be happy. Historically it is a common thing for the house (and/or senate) to flip at the midterms. It is a ton historically but it isn’t anything to laugh at either,” Hicks said.

Teachers at this school have also been doing their part to get students to vote. Many teachers who have students who could vote have encouraged their students to go out and make their voices heard.

Casey Moeller teaches history classes at WCHS.

“I talked to my students a little about the process and explained some of the issues that they were having on election day,” Moeller said.

Because we have a republican president, but a House with democratic majority, some bills might have trouble getting passed. In fact, having two conflicting parties like this could slow things down immensely, as both parties would have different sides to an issue.

“It will change the type of bills considered in the house because of the gridlock in Washington. Getting two parties to work together right now is going to be difficult,” Hicks said.

Also, voting has increased in importance to people over the years; some people really feel as if their voice is one of their most important features, as it can help them decide what’s the best for their state and country. Voting is important to many people and it empowers them to have an effect in their government, and have an impact on issues that are important to them.

“Voting is important to me because I want to make sure that the people I help elect to office are trying to pass laws that I support and spending tax dollars where I think is appropriate,” Moeller explained.

Due to the fact that democrats gained a whopping 30 seats in the House of Representatives, they could really shake things up.

According to, now that democrats have reached majority in the House, they could start a movement to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. On the other side, Republicans have kept their majority in the Senate, so they could put up a fight against the Democratic House. Only time will tell what happens with the new political climate in the House and Senate.


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