Restaurant Review: Roscoe’s Tacos

By Jakob Ronimous
Staff Reporter

After the roundabout on S. Madison Ave. was built, Roscoe’s tacos suffered a some business trouble, but that didn’t affect the taste of their tacos. Despite how small the restaurant looks from the outside, the inside was spacious with a good amount of seats.

I ordered the three small tacos meal and the food came out quickly and tasted amazing. Apart from the food, there were hot sauces that went well with the burritos and tacos. The sauces ranged from a sweet sauce to something akin to microwaving your entire face on the leftover setting.

I also enjoyed the decorations; instead of a boring “help wanted” sign, I saw a paper with a hand drawn taco with “Need a job? Let’s taco bout it.” As much as I hate puns, it made me laugh. Anyone looking for good tacos should check Roscoe’s out.


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