CPCSC welcomes new school board members

By Alyssa Daniels
Sports Editor

Coming in January of 2019, there will be three new school board members taking position at at Clark-Pleasant Community Schools: Beth Poe, Lauren Cope and Isaac Brewer.

In this position, school board members are to be responsible to think of the children first. There are meetings every month to discuss budgets, personnel reports, contracts and agreements and ongoing enrollment in the corporation.

One of the new members is Beth Poe, who currently works for Eli Lilly Company as an Associate Consultant in Quality and has been there for 16 years. She decided to take this position as a board member because she believes that if a person disagrees with an action, the right thing to do is to stand up and try to implement the change. The corporation is implementing the standards-based grading system at the high school level next year. In some classes this has already been implemented.

Poe has discussed her views on this new grading system and how the board will be able to make an informed decision.

“… I believe that CPCSC should return to traditional grading in the secondary (middle and high school) levels. This decision is based on research both locally (with our teachers, parents, and students) and the implementation failures at a national level,” Poe said. “In order for the new board to make informed decisions, we will need to see and understand all data supporting and opposing the methodology; including hearing from our teachers at all levels about what works and what does not work. Everyone needs to come to the table with an open mind and ability to be flexible in creating the best possible scenario for our students and teachers.”

The next new member is Lauren Cope. She is currently working at Goodwill Education Initiatives and has worked there for six years and plans to stay. This school corporation has 14 high schools across Indiana and five high schools across the nation. Before that, she was a teacher at Whiteland Elementary. The main reason Cope decided to join the corporation was to be the voice for parents, teachers and students and to help make their voice heard.

“My main reason for running for school board was because I wanted to be able to support teachers, parents and students that did not have their voices heard when they went to the board and administration regarding concerns with standards-based grading. I hope to be a voice for change in our district,” Cope said.

The final new member is Isaac Brewer; for 17 years he has owned his own company, Mechanical Service Company and a real-estate in Greenwood/Whiteland. Brewer’s main priority joining the school board is “only to do what’s best for the kids.” His first priority as a new school board member is to understand how the corporation works, the budgets and financial expenses of the corporation and his role and job duties.

Brewer also has five children that have all attended Clark-Pleasant Corporation. With that, he decided that joining the school board was a way to give back to the corporation and community. Brewer explained why he decided to join the school board.

“I was approached by several concerned parents and citizens in the corporation boundaries that there weren’t enough interested people in being a candidate for the school board,” Brewer said. “We have five children that have all attended Clark-Pleasant and felt the time was right for me to give back to a corporation and community that we have lived in for so long.”

All three of the new members of the school board will be taking seat in January 2019.

They are all are interested in being the voice for students, teachers and parents and putting the need of students first before making any decisions.

Welcome Poe, Cope and Brewer to the Clark-Pleasant Corporation!


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