Swim team dives into 2019 season with new head coach

By Jaelin Engle
News Editor

In the beginning of October, Alec DeWitt became the new swim coach for WCHS. Marci Whitford has stepped down from this coaching position, which allowed for DeWitt to accept this offer. Dewitt takes this new position with high interest in this new environment and team, along with a positive outlook for this season and the many more to come.

“I was interested in the Whiteland position years ago for several reasons. One is that I see a lot of potential and success in Whiteland athletics. The success of the athletic programs and the sheer numbers the school offers is exciting,” DeWitt said. “We need more people to join the swim team to be successful. I plan to build upon the already established expectations Whiteland athletics has, while also pulling more people from the school system into my swim program. Basically, Whiteland has the building blocks to make any athletic program stand tall and that’s exciting for any coach.”

DeWitt went into detail about his experience involving this sport before he became a coach at WCHS.

“I began swimming my freshman year at Franklin Community High school and swam all four years there. I then swam at Franklin College for two years,” DeWitt said.

DeWitt discussed some difficulties that he faces as a coach coming into a new team.

“Keeping the athletes interested in swimming is probably the most difficult part of being a swim coach. Swimming is easily one of the most challenging sports out there. Mentally and physically training kids every day, and many times twice a day, is taxing on kids. I think being able to train athletes to the height of their potential while providing a fun time is the hardest. Sometimes fun takes a back seat,” DeWitt said.

Sophomore swimmer Alyssa Blue said she’s staying positive about this new chance and is looking forward to the season.

“It is great having the opportunity to work with a new coach, and learn things differently than I had before,” Blue said.

Senior Morgan Giroud explained how DeWitt has changed her swim practice experience.

“He makes practice really fun, which is something I haven’t experienced in a long time, but he gives me goals to meet at practices and really pushes me to reach them so that in the long run, I will be able to meet my goal at sectionals,” Giroud said.

Coach DeWitt went into detail about his plan for the future and some of his goals.

“My simple goal is to make everyone on my swim team faster. I want our team to have a great showing at all our meets, county, conference and sectionals. I also want to have a few kids medal at state this year and send as many kids to the state swim meet as possible. The best way to get to these goals is by simply working hard. We will train hard in the pool, we will work hard in the weight room and we will tweak any technique we can to drop time. All my swimmers will be stronger and faster,” DeWitt said.

Blue discussed some of the accomplishments the swim coaches and team members have already made since DeWitt has joined the team, along with her thoughts about how the team has come together.

“I feel like our team will be closer and stronger this year because the coaches are taking the time to let us build friendships and do team building activities together,” Blue said.

Coach Dewitt plans to expand the swim team and to allow many more members to join so that the swim team will be stronger.

“We need more swimmers and divers. In fact, if you are reading this and are the least bit interested, come to swim practice,” DeWitt.

The swim team changed coaches, but it seems that they are adapting to DeWitt in a positive manner. The coaches and the team members are working together to make this chance a great experience all together.

For those interested in becoming apart of the swim team, email Alec DeWitt, alecpdewitt@gmail.com, or talk to a swim team member for more information.



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