Twitter vs. Facebook

By Halie Wingo
Opinion Editor

Twitter and Facebook are extremely popular social media sites for many teens and adults around the world with about 68 million people using Twitter and more than one billion people using Facebook, according to Statista. Twitter was created on March 21, 2006 and Facebook was created in February 2004. At WCHS, the majority of students and teachers use some sort of social media. Both Twitter and Facebook are used in different ways, but both have the option to follow, like, comment and share posts.

At WCHS, 62.6 percent of people polled prefer Twitter and 37.4 percent of people polled prefer Facebook. Most people prefer to use Twitter throughout the school for multiple reasons. Many people believe it is giving streamlined information quickly and there are many funny accounts or funny tweets their friends create that they enjoy seeing and will “favorite” the tweet. There are many people who also enjoy Facebook. The majority of the people that chose Facebook chose it because they simply do not enjoy or have a Twitter account. Many students using Twitter say Facebook is for “old people” and use Twitter instead, saying it can be less drama and more for this generation.

On Twitter, there are many celebrities giving out updates in real time giving information and clarification on events like releases of movies and songs and commenting on important issues. On Facebook, there are not as many updates and posts from celebrities, but it is used to communicate with others more than Twitter. Many people use both sites, but with the current generation, Twitter is faster, more streamlined, more popular and easier to use than Facebook.

Personally, I prefer to use Twitter to see my friends’ tweets and to see funny and relatable tweets. With most of my generation being on the app, it can be interesting to scroll through my feed and see how many tweets we can find from celebrities and entertainers we enjoy. Many students are using Twitter to see tweets and retweets from their friends and favorite musicians or writers. Facebook is useful in some ways, but it is definitely more for my family to follow me. I don’t think I’ve posted anything on there since around 2010 and don’t even have the app on my phone. I normally only check on holidays and birthdays.

Snapchat vs. Instagram

By Abby Allen
Managing Editor

Social media is an imperative part of today’s society, especially in the lives of teenagers. Social media has developed with the people who use it and has diversified as such.

Facebook Inc. runs the functions of Facebook and Instagram. While the same company runs the two programs, each app functions differently.

Competing with Twitter and Snapchat has allowed the two programs to differ from one another in many different ways.

According to Wikipedia, Instagram launched in 2010. In 2012, Instagram was bought by Facebook, which launched in 2004. Snapchat and Instagram have butted heads for years, but one still rules over the other, and that is Snapchat. Even though Instagram created its own photo filter options like Snapchat created, I honestly still prefer Snapchat’s filters, as they just look cleaner and multiple people can use the filter in one photo.

Snapchat also has a game aspect to it, because if you and a friend each send a photo to one another each day, you maintain a streak. Snapchat streaks have become important to users as this increases your snap score. Highest score wins, right? Snapchat creates a more entertaining experience day to day.

Given the choice of preference between Instagram and Snapchat, 54.5 percent of 200 Whiteland students prefer Instagram, while the other 45.5 percent prefer Snapchat. These results are fairly even because Instagram has made changes to their app to compete with Snapchat, the apps are similar, the preferences were fairly evenly split. The app engages users in cooperation to maintain a streak, and gives awards for certain snap scores and hidden uses.

Don’t get me wrong, I use both programs and Instagram is great, but Snapchat came up with stories and filters first, and I prefer to use the original filters, but I prefer Insta’s version of the story. Instagram created polls and question options Snapchat doesn’t have.

The apps are both useful in their own ways, Snap to communicate with friends, Insta to post photos to a feed, but each can help you connect with friends far away and keep them close.


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