Restaurant Review: 1823 Bakehouse

By Abby Allen
Managing Editor

Having an allergy to a favorite treat is a very upsetting. 1823 Bakehouse in Franklin has realized this and has taken gluten-free baking to a whole new level. Most gluten-free substitutes, because of their differences in ingredients, don’t taste like real thing.

This bakery creates gourmet cupcakes and treats that accomplish that task very well. Their treats taste just like the real thing. I like how this shop has made it their goal to give those who cannot eat gluten the tastes they love, but can’t have.

Their staff was kind and the atmosphere was welcoming. Their beautiful doughnuts and cupcakes both tasted nothing like the normal dry, odd taste of gluten-free treats, because they were simply delicious. I recommend this bakery to anyone, but especially those who want a taste of what they’ve been missing.


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