Peer into the world of tutoring, new opportunity for students

By Kobe King
Staff Reporter

WCHS recently kicked off a peer tutoring program that allows students to receive help from tutors during Period 4.

Sophomore Camille Engle had the idea to start this kind of program for struggling students. This provides a student a different way to learn a subject that they are struggling with.

To get into peer tutoring, students have to fill out a Google Form that was sent out to everyone, then attend a meeting and after that, get recommendations from the teacher in the desired subject.

Engle came up with the idea and Peer and business teacher Kristi Mann helped bring it all together.

“Education is a topic I’m very passionate about and is always on my mind; I was just waiting for an opportunity to make it happen. Mrs. Mann was the brains behind it all. She connected the people that made it possible, arranged the times and places,” Engle said.

Mann discussed the point of peer tutoring.

“To provide an additional resource for students who need support and to build a sense of community in the school. Peer tutoring not only helps the students being tutored, but also helps the students who are the tutors,” Mann said.

Engle gave the idea of peer tutoring to help students find a way to better understand their classes.

“Peer Tutoring was started to help students who need a free and easy way to understand their classes. Sometimes teachers and students don’t always teach/learn the same way so it is beneficial to offer other options,” Engle said.

According to, “when children teach children, the result is marked improvement in student learning which increases the productivity of the school. In peer tutoring, they are both producers and consumers of education.”

Junior Peer tutor Toni Joyner discussed how peer tutoring is helpful for students.

“There is research that shows peers helping or reteaching things is very beneficial. They can connect or say it in a different way that teachers sometimes can’t,” Joyner said.

Mann also has future goals for the program.

“We are just getting started, so the main goals right now are to get the logistics worked out and start identifying areas for improvement so that we can set long term goals. Off the top of my head, the big goal would be to help as many students as possible feel successful at school,” Mann said.

Engle knows that the peer tutoring program truly benefits students.

“This program benefits students because being taught by your peers is different than being taught by your teacher. It offers a different perspective and way of being taught that some students find helpful,” Engle said.

To qualify to for peer tutoring, the student needs recommendation from the teacher of the class they are struggling in and then after that, Mann will log it and pull them if she can.

For those wanting to be tutors, the student must obtain a recommendation from a teacher in the subject they want to help tutor, attend training and then attend at least two fourth periods a month.

Mann discussed how to be a peer tutor in the future.

“Right now the program is closed, but I will open up to additional students and training in the spring so if you want to [be] a tutor you can come out in the spring,” Mann said.

Engle explained that peer tutoring is available for all students.

“Peer Tutors sign up for a fourth period on Thursdays under Mrs. Mann’s name. A few students are automatically entered into the ‘need to be tutored’ group by the counselors while others will be able to enter themselves into tutoring,” Engle said.

Joyner explained that the program gives students a different option for learning and it also gives teachers a break.

“It takes some of the load off of teachers, and gives students an opportunity to learn in a different way. It also helps the tutors keep up on their skills,” Joyner said.

Peer tutoring is not only for the student to get better in class but it also allows the tutor to refresh his/her memory.

If students have any further questions about the peer tutoring program, they are welcome to email Mann.


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