Jason Nunn brings new idea to APC classes

By Amy Clark
Staff Reporter

As some students may know, the week before fall break, previous WCHS Strength and Conditioning Coach, Luke Harris, resigned from his position. Coach Jason Nunn was hired as the new APC (Advanced Physical Conditioning) teacher. Nunn taught at Danville High School, as well as Indiana State University before joining the WCHS staff.

He has worked with many athletes in various levels, which has allowed him to gain experience he’ll now use to help APC students.

“I enjoy working with students in the developmental process. I have worked with athletes all the way from middle school level to professional, and the Olympics. I really like working with kids at this level because they are kind of starting to get to this level where they’ve figured out that this is important to do and to be a part of their developmental process is a really fun thing for me, as well as really satisfying,” Nunn said.

For Nunn, coaching has been a childhood dream. Nunn received a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a Master’s degree in coaching from Indiana State University.

“My Bachelor’s and Master’s degree are both from Indiana State, but honestly, 15 years of coaching experience taught me a lot more than my Master’s degree. I have wanted to do this since I was a kid; this has been something I have been into since I was 10 years old,” Nunn said.

Nunn’s plans for the class do not differ too much from Harris’s. Overall improvement as an athlete is one of his top goals and expectations for all the athletes.

“Show up on time and work hard as usual. We’ve got other rules and stuff like that, but those are more like technicalities. If you show up on time and work hard, we’re going to get along great,” Nunn said. “My end goal for the semester is to continue seeing improvements across the board.”

Senior Payton Parson has been in APC since his second semester of his freshman year. Parson explained some of the things he does in APC.

“The schedule mainly stays the same, just weight lifts, running on Mondays, and then Fridays we stretch before games,” Parson said.

It is clear Nunn has some big shoes to fill. Harris had a strong bond with each of his students and many of them, including Parson, looked up to him.

“He [Harris] was good with the kids, and people enjoyed being around him; he really gave off a positive vibe. My advice for him [Nunn] is to just try to relax,” Parson said.

Although he has not been here for long, Nunn has already helped the students. Parson described the difference he noticed between Harris and Nunn.

“He [Nunn] is a teacher that likes to keep everyone moving. If you finish early, he’s going to give you extra stuff to do, so you’re not just standing there waiting for everyone to finish. My end goal for this semester is to hopefully just get stronger and get to know him better,” Parson said.

Just like Parson, senior Megan Harlow has been in APC since her freshman year.

Harlow went into detail about some of the differences she noticed between Harris and Nunn.

“He is really different; we’re always moving. I also feel like the rules are possibly going to change because every coach is different, but as far as physical activity, I think it will stay the same,” Harlow said.

APC can give athletes extra preparation for the sports they play. Harlow explained how Nunn has helped her so far.

“…He’s showed me a few little things I need to work on. Like, when we’re maxing out, he’ll give me some advice and it helps a lot. APC helps me become faster and stronger so I can do better on the basketball court,” Harlow said.

Both Harlow and Parson hope to have as good of a relationship with Nunn as they did Harris. They also want to get to know him better as a teacher and coach.



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