ICF cultivates diversity

By Jakob Ronimous
Staff Reporter

The International Culture Fair will be tomorrow evening from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., but many people forget what goes on behind the scenes of the fair. A group of around 50 students prepare, research and cultivate creative ideas to represent their desired country. The International Culture Fair is sponsored by Brandi Vozos.

There are a myriad of reasons why students decide to represent their country. Toni Joyner, a junior who is representing Jamaica, stated that this year will be her second year of participating in the fair.

“The food and the fashion show are my favorite part,” Joyner stated.

The whole reason the International Culture Fair was started was because the students and staff were passionate about different cultures and really wanted to show their pride for other cultures.

Vozos explained why the fair is important and the diversity it introduces.

“The culture fair exists so we can bring awareness to the diversity that is in our community and promote sort of cultural awareness and promote a lot of multiculturalism,” Vozos commented.

Because the fair is biannual, there are always new faces participating in the fair. Students have been working hard for months to prepare for the event.

Underclassman can consider joining it for the next fair in two years.

“Some students don’t have to do anything outside. You can just be a part of it and help out in little ways or you can be a part of it and help out with responsibilities,” Vozos said.

People who participate in the fair work as a team. Planning for the fair is a way to learn how to effectively manage one’s time and work towards a deadline.

Senior Jaskiran Banwait, president of the fair, enjoys the diversity she’s been introduced to through the club.

“Students get to explore the different diversities in the school and learn about the other cultures. As a member, students will get to learn how to communicate, learn time management and work together with different groups,” Banwait said.

Banwait has a lot of important duties for the fair, such as attending meetings and overseeing all the committees, as well as communicating with the head of each committee and Vozos.

Banwait also took the position because she feels that she will effectively manage and help the fair to fulfill its potential.

“I hadn’t imagined that I would be taking such an important part, but yes I did because as a president, I got to see so many different situations and many diverse countries come together and use my abilities to help the Culture Fair be better than before,” Banwait proudly stated.

The International Culture Fair will feature foods and fun activities.

Students will not have to pay admission and food is all free, so come out and celebrate diversity with your fellow Warriors tomorrow.


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