Game Review: Super Mario Party

By Mason Pendleton
Feature Editor

“Super Mario Party,” released Oct. 5, 2018, was supposed to be great. After “Mario Party” nine and 10, people lost hope in the franchise. “Super Mario Party” was supposed to fix that, but with just four boards to play and a line up of 80 “fresh new games,” it just feels empty. If players don’t have other people to play with in their household, this really isn’t their game, especially given the artificial intelligence isn’t the brightest.

The promised online mode is also just completely heartbreaking; 10 minigames out of the entire lineup were selected for online “tournaments” (no boards at all). The “tournaments” are five out of the 10 minigames that are changed every week by a computer.

Overall, the game itself feels thrown together at the last minute, like an essay due over fall break…Maybe next time for lil’ old Mario.



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