Curtains close as Marching Warriors take final bow

By Alyssa Daniels
Sports Editor

The 2018-2019 Marching Warriors have worked hard to make it to Semi-State, but unfortunately they did not advance to State.

The band directors and the students have discussed how well of a season they’ve had this year.

Marching band director Pete Sampson discussed how the show this year was mentally and musically challenging for the students.

This year’s marching band show was based off of a Shakespeare quote and during the show, the band also was able to feature some solo players and performers.

Sampson explained the meaning behind the show.

“It’s based on the Shakespeare quote ‘All the world’s a stage and men and women are merely players,’ so we have modified that to the show’s title as, ‘And we are merely players.’ Throughout we have a bunch of stages on the field and the first big stage has a sign that says ‘The World is a Stage,’ no pun intended, but it sets the stage for what we are trying to do for all the different stages and it gives us a chance to feature some of our great players and performers we have,” Sampson said.

This year, the show featured three solos, according to Sampson.

“We have a feature dancer, a feature flugelhorn, flute and alto soloists throughout the show, so it’s neat,” Sampson said.

Since the 2018-2019 marching band season has come to a close, Sampson discussed what he wanted to say to the band as a whole.

“I would like to congratulate them on pushing themselves farther than any Whiteland Band has done before and for working so hard for each other throughout the season,” Sampson said. “As I say all of the time, ‘No one sits on the bench in band….’ each and every students is as important as another and we need everyone to be a success!”

WCHS Senior Cloe Ellis has been in marching band since her freshman year.

She’s a percussionist in the front ensemble and chose to play percussion because she “…always taps on things and it seemed way more interesting to me than a wind instrument.”

Ellis discussed how marching band has bettered her and how it has brought her different opportunities.

“Marching band has bettered my leadership skills, taught me time management and responsibility. It’s brought me a lot of opportunities and I’ve met a lot of people because of it,” Ellis said.

Senior Marissa Johnston is a part of the Color Guard and is a flag captain for the second year.

The guard’s part in the show is to bring the music to life.

Johnston discussed how having friendships in band was the most important thing she has learned and how making friends helps everyone.

“The biggest thing I learned is friendship makes a huge difference in how your experience goes. Making friends helps you become mentally more secure and feel less weird trying new things like Color Guard,” Johnston said.

Johnston also went on to discuss how her last season of band went and how she felt about the show and marching band as a whole.

“It’s so hard to believe that this is really the last season of marching band for me. This show is so, so, so good and I don’t want it to be over because this is one of the things that has truly helped me through high school,” Johnston said.

Sampson discussed how the seniors this year have affected the band and how he will miss them after they graduate and he hopes that music will stay in the students life after they leave.

“One of the hardest parts of being a teacher is the fact that every year some students go on to do other things and we are super proud of those kids and we are super excited to see them go on to the rest of their lives, but it also leaves a hole behind,” Sampson said. “We have very talented kids, and this senior class in particular are very talented and obviously my wish for them is to keep music in their lives in no matter what form it is and to know that we will miss them for sure.”


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