Album review: Trench

By Amy Clark
Staff Reporter

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are the two that make up the multi-genre band Twenty One Pilots. The duo recently released their fifth studio album, “Trench,” in early October.

The album’s flow and meaningful lyrics made it difficult to choose a favorite song. I finally decided on “Neon Gravestones,” because the song flows so nicely. The song states “I’ll mourn for a kid, but won’t cry for a king.” The duo has commented on this song, because they thought this song might have been a little controversial because it mentions suicide, but in a different way than you’d expect. The song attacks society’s glorification of suicide.

The screaming was the only thing I disliked about this album. That type of music just isn’t my style, but if you like the louder, more upbeat music, I would recommend this album to you.



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