VFX Club teaches tech skills

By Jakob Ronimous
Staff Reporter

In room H108, a group of hard working students have created a club to put themselves, and others, in anything they want. The Visual Effects club is hard at work, learning and putting lots of effort into telling each of their personal stories in the digital world, using brand-new software.

The club meets during period four on Fridays and the club is just starting out, so the more members they get, the bigger and better projects they can start. A large portion of the club is focused on hands-on activities and learning through trial and error.

Senior member James Woolner said the club leader, senior Kate Phipps, is helpful.

“The way Kate Phipps teaches is very informative and in-depth,” Woolner said.

Since the club is just starting out, the members are all learning the software. Any new student will take a while to get used to the setup and learn the ropes. According to Phipps, they do mostly explaining at meetings.

“So we just started out, we’ve only done it once and we all kind of sit around together while we’re introducing the editing system we use,” Phipps said.

However, after that, the students will actually learn topics similar to Warrior TV News and possibly help with things like feature edition and other various projects. Phipps also stated that the class is integrated with Warrior TV.

“A lot of kids who are in VFX club go on to join Warrior TV so that can kinda give an idea to a lot of people if they wanna be in Warrior TV, VFX club is more of just learning how to do it,” Phipps said.

Many students who work in the VFX part of the class eventually move on to bigger and exceedingly better things, using their knowledge they gained to help them with the future endeavors. One example being creating their own videos on YouTube, or working on Warrior TV. Students who participate in the club can also earn experience that they can later use in other jobs. Many jobs are now in need of people with these specialized skills. Jeff Clawson, the teacher for the VFX club and Warrior TV News, elaborated.

“One of the things we pride ourselves in is were very inclusive and were very 21st century skills based. We’re very 21st century skills based in that sense. The digital production career pathway is something that is a continuum. 25 years ago, a social media coordinator was not a position that existed, but now it’s a very important part of any corporation,” Clawson said.

According to Clawson, this club gives opportunity to all students.

“In a WCHS-centric sense it maybe benefits students who maybe couldn’t have time for radio TV. They get to have this experience which is a facet of our culture. They can do it and otherwise we wouldn’t be able to accommodate for them,” Clawson stated.

The main purpose of the club is to introduce students to software like After Effects for stuff like green screens, and Maya for things like 3D modeling. Due to the club being student led, the class relies on Phipps to teach what she knows to the class. Since Phipps is also learning the software on her own, there is time to go over previous things and make discoveries about the software with Phipps.

The VFX club works hard on their projects to make sure they’ll be the best they can be and would be happy to have new students try it out. All a student has to do is sign up for Clawson’s period four on Friday.


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