TV show review: Insatiable

By Alyssa Daniels

Sports Editor

“Insatiable” is a new Netflix original series that first aired on Aug. 10. This show is about a teenager who struggles with being bullied in high school for her weight, but then loses the weight and seeks revenge on her bullies.

A man comes into her life and gets her into beauty pageants without realizing how far she’ll go to get revenge on those who bullied her.

This show really isn’t the type of shows that I watch, so I didn’t enjoy it as much. However, it does show how much pain a person can go through when getting bullied.

One thing I did like was that the show is based on what some high school girls go through with being bullied for their weight. It was excellent to see that it related to something happening today. With that being said, I still probably won’t watch season two.



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