Time to register for upcoming mid-term election

By Abby Allen
Managing Editor

This coming November, there will be a mid-presidential term election to place new congressmen in the House and Senate, as well as local and state elections. Some of this year’s seniors will have the opportunity to give their input in government decisions. What few know is that this year’s seniors can help determine their younger peers’ future in this country, as some are old enough to vote this fall.

Registering to vote is simple; it’s done online at bmv.com and at the licensing branch in a quick process. According to in.gov, Indiana residents can register or apply to register to vote at any BMV branch or credential-issuing partner location when processing any type of transaction such as obtaining a valid identification card or driver’s license, which is required at all voting posts. Voters can look up their home address to find their proper polling station for their location. A few local places to vote are public libraries and Break-o-Day Elementary School.

Whiteland students are now able to give their input into their community’s decisions. Future voter, early graduate Janelle Mason expressed her feelings toward her ability to vote and how it will impact her future.

“The impact it has on me is important because it gives me a say in what I believe in,” Mason said.

These elections will also be used to settle other important topics in the country’s communities. CPCSC has spent countless hours improving the safety measures and quality of education for all students in the corporation, placing resource officers around the school and issuing lanyards to identify students, and Superintendent Dr. Patrick Spray has no intention of stopping there. Spray hopes to raise taxes to create a separate police force specifically for Clark Pleasant schools, including six to 10 officers and a K-9 unit to protect CPCSC schools from intruders and dangerous substances.

“We really want to be able to have dedicated funds to be able to do more in our school community so that everyone feels safe and looks at school as a safe place. This would include additional school resource officers that work with our students to make connections and build relationships. We want our school corporation to really focus on ways to be proactive with respect to safety and giving students and staff tools and skills to work through the difficult stress that occurs in life,” Spray said.

The referendum, or added vote on the ballot, No. 18-022-REF, will be voted upon on the same ballot as the Congress and local elections. According to an article in The Daily Journal, the requested tax increase would be 10 cents for every $100 in assessed property value. For instance, for the owner of a $100,000 home, the property taxes would increase by about $33 per year. This money will go toward funding the start-up of a police force and hiring more counselors for a new counseling program.

Spray hopes to get this referednum passed to increase school safety and put more emphasis on students’ mental health. There are now bulletin boards with brochures located around the school for students to learn more information about the candidates that they may be voting for.



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