Show school spirit at WCHS homecoming this weekend

By Ava Joniec
Staff Reporter

Pep rallies! Football! Dancing! Dresses! All of these things are included at the annual Homecoming. There is so much more to the event than just the school spirit. It is about the students of all grades coming together to make the best of their four years here at Whiteland. In every section of the building, there are people who have bought dresses and are getting ready for the game tonight and getting ready for a memorable time tomorrow at the dance.

Homecoming is one of the memories that some older folks say they remember most from their high school career. The students have gone all out buying dresses and hoping to have the time of their lives. The dance is semi-formal and the cost of going to the dance is $5.00; it begins at 7:30 p.m. in the WCHS cafeteria.

Homecoming Spirit Week is planned by the Student Council, which is led by math teacher Rachel Cravens and English teacher Tom Cornelius. For people who haven’t gone, Cravens described Homecoming as a fun event that students can show pride for their school and bring the school together.

“Homecoming is a fun event to really feel like you are a community. That we are a school together, the Warriors. It is an opportunity for kids to have fun, to let loose, and to really see just different people up in front of everyone. Get to see names and faces put together, and just enjoy their class,” Cravens said.

Homecoming is a huge event to plan. Student Council member Nvkiran Khehra, along with the rest of student Council, has worked very hard to make this celebration special.

Khehra discusses how they balance all the planning amongst the team.

“We have different committees and we plan out each event for the community such as decorations and pep session,” Khehra said.

Another important part of homecoming is the pep rally. Students who are involved in sports are recognized at the pep rallies before the homecoming game. The pep rallies have many traditions that are between graduating classes including tug-of-war, a dance off, the scream off, dodgeball and the announcing of the homecoming royalty. The band plays and announces the pep rally before it even starts. Student Mackenzee Daughtery expresses her feelings towards the excitement of the pep-rally.

“Pep-rallies are crazy. Especially being in band because we get to play the fight song,” Daugherty said.

Student Council is responsible for all of the decorations and planning for the event.

“We design a banner for each class and we get some decorations for the pep session and the football game,” Khehra said.

Football warriors will play against Mooresville at 7:00 p.m.. The cost of getting in is $5.00. Student Council also created banners to go on the bleachers during the football game tonight.

The cheerleaders also play a major role in homecoming as the planners for the dance. They are responsible for decorating the cafeteria for the dance tomorrow, which includes food, drinks, music and the school decor for the week that has been leading up to homecoming.

Tonight will be a time for enjoying your school as a whole. Bring a friend and spend time with your classmates and the people who are a part of your life. Underclassmen who cannot go to Prom can enjoy themselves tomorrow at the homecoming dance.

Whiteland’s fall homecoming is one of the best times of the school year. WCHS will be able to show school pride in more ways than one. Come and join your school!



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