Senior begin to apply for college

By Whitney Black
Entertainment Editor

Seniors who are planning to take the next step in furthering their education after high school are beginning to apply for college. Some of the seniors applying may be struggling with knowing exactly how to complete the process; however, there are a variety of resources that can help.

There are many resources that students may not be aware of, such as the Common Application (CA). Counselor Dave McMillan, explained the CA.

“The Common App allows students to apply to multiple colleges with one application. IU and Purdue are examples of schools that use the Common App,” McMillan said.

When submitting applications, a transcript is required and some applications even require a teacher recommendation. Seniors can access their transcript through Naviance at This website is where a student enters their information about the college they applied for and it goes to the counselor so they can submit the transcript to the college.

Another thing a majority of college applications require are application fees, payments an applying freshman has to make to submit their applications.

“They range from $25-$60. During ‘College Go Week’ Sept. 24 to 28, some colleges will waive the application fee,” McMillan said.

Some seniors are finding the application process rather time consuming. Senior Lucy Sullivan has found the college application process lengthy and time-consuming.

“I found the process difficult. It took forever so I couldn’t get myself to finish it fast. But the process itself was easy,” Sullivan said.

Overall, filling out applications may not be too long of a process depending on how many you apply to and whether or not the application requires an essay or not. Senior Mary Presley spent multiple days on her application.

“This school took me about four days to apply to having to write a few essays for the major I was interested in and also the honors college,” Presley said.

Right now would be a convenient time for seniors to begin filling out applications. Nov. 1 is the early application deadline for most colleges and most colleges require submission by that deadline for academic scholarships. Regular decision deadline range from Jan. 1 to Feb. 1.

Students can use other resources to apply for scholarships, including, which offers an array of different scholarships for all students. These scholarships range from academic to even personality traits, such as being left handed. It is advised that seniors fill out multiple applications and then narrow it down. Presley advises students to find a college that helps them feel at home.

“My advice for other seniors applying would definitely be to find a school that you feel like home at. For me this was Ball State University. Also, definitely be honest in your applications and just be yourself! That way, the real you will get into college, not just your overhyped self,” Presley said.

Filling out applications can be an exciting or nerve-wracking process. However, there are so many resources to help out and the WCHS counselors and teachers are always available.



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