PRO/CON: Hunting

Hunting controls population

By Mason Pendleton
Feature Editor

Hunting is a sport of opportunity that allows for people to connect with the great outdoors. Hunting is not purely about getting the biggest game and shooting whatever you can.

Hunting is not something that should be taken away because some of these species do need to be culled to ensure the safety of less prominent species. Invasive species and more reproductive species take the space of endangered animals through their own natural habits.

While it is also a sport meant for enjoyment, hunting to maintain rapid population growth is important. According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, invasive species like carp and wild hogs are rampant in Indiana. These species destroy ecosystems quickly, so it’s important to keep their populations as low as possible to ensure our present ecosystems stay in balance. Despite being indigenous to Indiana, or without a predator keeping them in check, the populations grow out of control.

Hunting also allows for a little extra food on the table for Hoosiers. Fish is a typically hunted food that is used to feed families, but studies show that wild meat like deer can actually have a positive impact on human metabolism. Venison is filled with nutrients not typically seen in normal farmed meats like beef or pork. It’s also low in calories and helps with weight loss. Nutrition isn’t always the most important part to hunting for food. Often, hunting will require going on long trips at a time in order to better catch their targets and to clear their minds from their own stress. Hunting trips may not even comprise of solely big game hunting; simple activities like hiking and catch-and-release fishing are also part of a trip. Hunting isn’t just about the shooting and killing; it’s about being outdoors, clearing your head and relieving stress. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission claims that the quiet of nature allows you to relax as if you were on a simple walk.

In truth, as a hunter, you don’t want the animal to suffer and you also need to be knowledgeable on what you’re hunting. Hunting requires patience and a lot of thinking, not to mention there are certain permits that must be in order.

Paperwork and permits are required before hunting. It’s illegal to hunt without a permit because you can hurt not only the animal in question unethically, but there’s also danger of hurting someone around you without proper training. The opportunity to connect to the beauty of nature and to play a part in ensuring its beauty stays stable is a job not taken lightly. Hunting is a viable sport that’s available for anyone willing to try.

Hunting is a useless ‘sport’

By Jaelin Engle
News Editor

According to, in modern times people are participating in an activity called “Trophy Hunting.” This is where the hunter will go out and kill an animal, usually exotic, and kill them for either the animal’s body parts, fur or skin.

This has been happening for centuries, which is not acceptable. Trophy hunting is a terrible thing to participate in due to the fact that animal populations are already decreasing at alarming rates.

Hunters participate in trophy hunting for the thrill of the kill. According to, the Safari Club International (SCI) is an organization that encourages wealthy hunters to participate in contest to see who can kill the most animals, such as lions, elephants and giraffes.

People who participate in this type of event are usually wealthy and don’t need the money they can win for killing those exotic animals. Trophy hunting is a horrible activity seen as a sport that kills animals needed to regulate habitats.

Hunting has caused many animals around the world to become endangered or extinct. According to, between the years of 2005 and 2014, over 1.26 million animals were imported as trophies with an average of more than 126,000 animal trophies imported yearly.

All of those animals were only hunted for their eccentric skin, fur or even their bones. With most of animals’ ecosystems being completely destroyed due to pollution and deforestation, many species are more vulnerable. The numbers of trophy hunters have doubled and the numbers of animals are decreasing each and every day.

Many hunters are participating in trophy hunting to earn a living. Some believe that controlling species’ numbers and killing them off when their population is large is conservation, but that’s not the case.

Many people believe the money made from trophy hunting is used to fund conservation programs, but according to, only the private hunting guides and other individuals who participate in this activity make profit. Money earned rarely goes to conservation.

There is truly no reason for people to hunt animals when people do not need to hunt for their own survival because all meat can be bought at the store.

Trophy hunting has caused populations of animals to decrease dramatically and hunters have caused species to become endangered.

There are so many other things that people can do to feel like they earned a reward and to build better skills than killing animals for fun.


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