Possible harsh winter to hit Indy

By Kobe King
Staff Reporter

This year, the Farmer’s Almanac has predicted that there will be a harsh winter for Indiana. According to the famersalmanac.com, The Farmer’s Almanac is a book that has been around since 1792 and claims to be 80 percent accurate and it was first edited by Robert B. Thomas. Farmers’ Almanac is a collection of knowledge on weather, gardening, cooking, home remedies, managing your household, preserving the earth and more.

Science teacher Kyle Roberts thinks that winter will be above normal and not as harsh as the Farmer’s Almanac predicts it will be.

“The current National Weather Service winter outlook suggests that we will have a near normal precipitation and slightly above normal temperatures. So not a harsh winter. This is due to the El Nino (El Nino Southern Oscillation) that is predicted to form in the eastern Pacific Ocean this winter,” Roberts said. “The ocean is warmer than normal when this occurs and it usually results in slightly warmer temperatures for our part of the country. Predicting the weather even a few days out is hard, so predicting months in advance is much harder,” Roberts said. “I think that students should prepare for winter the same way as usual. Have the proper clothing available and if they drive ensure that their car is ready for winter driving.”

Roberts finds it difficult to believe the Farmer’s Almanac because it’s primarily a prediction.

“Since the Farmer’s Almanac doesn’t publish their method, without evidence, I don’t know if they are using accurate information or just making things up as they go,” Roberts said. “If you make a lot of predictions, odds are that you will at least be correct part of the time. They also talk up the times that they are correct, but don’t focus on when they are wrong.”

Roberts thinks preparing one’s home is the most important part when getting prepared.

“The majority of the electricity that we consume is used to heat and cool our homes. So it is important to prepare your home for winter by checking and fixing any places where air is leaking, such as around windows and doors. It is also a good idea to have your furnace checked out before winter starts, so you don’t find out that there may be a problem with it when you really need it,” Roberts said.

Roberts also recommends having necessary supplies in vehicles.

“It is a good idea to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter by checking your tires, making sure your routine maintenance is done and having a window cleaner/de-icer that won’t freeze when the temperatures drop. Having an ice scraper in your car along with an emergency kit (water, food, blanket, hat and gloves) is a good idea if you will be driving.”

Health teacher Brandon Bangel loves winter and ensures he has all his gear ready.

“I make sure my snow boots are ready and I got my hat and gloves ready to go. I love the winter so it doesn’t bother me like some people. I could live in Alaska; I’m basically a polar bear,” Bangel said.

The Farmer’s Almanac may not be fully accurate about winter, but it is still important to prepare for the worst.


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