Movie review: Unbroken

By Jaelin Engle

News Editor

“Unbroken: Path to Redemption” is about a young man named Louis Zamperini [Samuel Caleb Hunt] who is released from active duty after being saved from captivity and sent home after fighting in World War II. Eventually, when he is home, he finds a new love and becomes Christian, but the memories from his past won’t leave.

The audience witnesses the struggle the character faces making this drastic transition from war to civilian life. After watching the first movie,“Unbroken,” this movie helped the fans to see how his life turned out after he was released from war.

It’s really heart ripping and how the director has the character handle these terrifying memories is just astonishing. I recommend this movie to anyone, especially to those who may have questions about what it may be like to deal with PTSD.



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