Girls’ golf season hits from the tee

By Jaelin Engle

News Editor

WCHS girls’ golf team competed well against other teams and made it through sectionals, which qualified them for regionals. Their first regional tournament was on Saturday Sept. 22. The girls practiced for  regionals and put in a lot of effort but they ended up not passing on to the next round of regionals. The girls made 10th place out of 18 and their team scored 385 strokes together. The girls may not have made it this time, but the team plans to practice and be even more prepared for next season.

WCHS Senior Bri Harwell  and rank number one of the girls’ golf team explained what it is like for her when she is competing in a tournament and how the pressure and outside influences can impact the player mentally.

“In a tournament, you have to make sure you’re composed well. If your emotions are out of control or your mind is on something else, it can be a tough round for you. When you walk up and introduce yourself to your opponents, it’s game on, you can talk in between shots, but every time you walk up to your ball it’s time to focus,” Harwell said.

Coach Crystal Morse went into detail about the girls’ tight schedules and what skills she tries to help them improve upon in practices for their competitions.

“We have limited practice time together – most of our time throughout the week is spent playing in after school matches so I try to make the most of our practice time and get the girls on the golf course or help them with swing fundamentals if they need them.  We try to focus a lot on short game (putting, chipping, etc.),” Morse said.

Morse had the girls competing against other schools  and tournaments around the area.

“We compete in after school 9 hole matches against 1 or 2 other teams and our 18 hole tournaments are against 12-18 other schools,” Morse said.

“Harwell has learned valuable skills to help her guarantee success in tournaments.

“The most important skills I have learned to make myself a better golf player are time-management, controlling my emotions and keeping myself motivated to work hard,” Harwell said.

WCHS sophomore and number four ranking on the golf team Lucy Gearheart has learned to watch her opponents closely in order to be successful in her matches.

“If a person is putting before you and you have similar lines, watch how they putt and adjust accordingly,” Gearheart said.

Morse encourages interested students to try out for the fall 2019 golf teams.

“Anyone interested can reach out to myself or to Ken Sears if they have any questions. I run programs all summer long for golfers of all ages and skill levels, so if someone is interested in the game there is a lot of opportunity in the area to be involved in leagues or other programs,” Morse said.



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