Citizens join together at community day

By Whitney Black
Entertainment Editor

On Sept. 15 Taylor Swift’s concert wasn’t the only memorable event that occurred nearby. Community Day was held right here. Whiteland is a small community, so one thing that can bring citizens together is Community Day. Community Day is a gathering held that includes a mixture of food trucks, booths and small organizations in Whiteland.

Many WCHS organizations participated in Community Day, such as Peer, robotics and NHS. Junior Peer member Nicole Mazzarella discussed Peer’s involvement.

“We set up a booth and share to everyone who we are, what we are and what we do. Our booth is used to get attention to raise money to help the community,” Mazzarella said.

Community Day not only helps bring attention to businesses in Whiteland, but also to the groups at the school that participate in it.

“It shows that there is more to Whiteland Community High School than just athletics and academics. It also shows that we are really trying to do everything we can to help our community in any way and every way,” Mazzarella said.

Robotics is another one of the groups represented at Community Day. Their group gets the opportunity to show off what Robotics is all about. Senior co-captain Rachel Hartman discussed how Community Day is beneficial to the Robotics team.

“Community Day lets families with younger kids know that we have a robotics program for when they get to high school. We also gain sponsors from the companies that come through,” Hartman said.

NHS also participates in Community Day. They do not have a booth, but they still have a goal they want to achieve anyway. So they simply help out with all the food for the booths. This is beneficial to the students in NHS because they have to have a certain amount of community service hours.

NHS advisor and English teacher Alison Dugan shared how Community Day is beneficial to NHS students.

“The students have to have 10 volunteer hours every year, so it helps them achieve that goal. But volunteer work is always beneficial. It helps students learn empathy and gain satisfaction for helping those that need it,” Dugan said.

Community Day is a great way to have all of Whiteland brought together in one place to get to know, have fun and learn about the different things going on in the Community. It was a well organized and social event.

The event was filled with lots of food and fun, laughter, smiles and the night ended with fireworks!


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