Boys’ tennis season concludes

By Kobe King
Staff Reporter

The varsity boys’ tennis team had a strong start to their season going undefeated before losing to Center Grove, putting their record at 15-1. The JV team is still undefeated with a record of 16-0.

Math teacher Mike Gillespie, head coach of the tennis team, said they’ve worked hard to be successful.

“We work hard, but we have a lot of fun. We’ve put more emphasis on serving better,” Mike said.

Sophomore Quinten Gillespie plays varsity and now has a record of 16-3.

Quinten explained his strategy when his matches get hard.

“[My strategy is] getting every ball in and making my opponent miss usually,” Quinten said.

Sophomore Caidyn Baumann plays JV singles, and occasionally Varsity, with a record of 21-0. He explained what the team does in practice.

“King of the Court, it’s basically where there’s a couple people on a court and you have to beat them to become the king of court,” Baumann said.

Sophomore Christian Felker plays JV three singles with a record of 17-2. He explained how his season was going and what he does to stay focused during a match.

“[My season] is going pretty well. I’ve been closer to varsity and have challenge for varsity. [When I struggle I try to] be way more consistent and don’t go for as many shots,” Felker said.

Freshman Corbin Grantham says that he has improved significantly thanks to Gillespie.

“I’ve improved a lot. Mr. Gillespie has been teaching me new serves, new ways to improve my forehand, pretty much all the above,” Grantham said.

Grantham’s most difficult match was Franklin. He said he tried to remain positive when struggling in matches.

“I’ve lost to Franklin. That’s probably has been my hardest match. When I’m struggling I’ve just got to think with a positive attitude and find my way around my problem that I’m having at that moment,” Grantham said.

Mike, Quinten’s father, was the one who inspired Quinten to join tennis.

“My dad [inspired me to play tennis,] he pushed me to play tennis my entire life,” Quinten said.

Grantham said he loves playing tennis.

“At the time I really just wanted to get into a sport, but then I really fell in love with tennis. Overall my favorite sport I’ve ever played, just such a fun sport,” Grantham said.

Quinten’s said his main goal is to win state, but if that doesn’t happen, not losing again is another goal.

Grantham said his goal was to get better than he was at the start and he worked hard to accomplish his goal.

The boys tennis team worked hard this season to get where they are at and have played well, serving up a great season.



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