WCHS student body cheers on athletes

By Halie Wingo
Opinion Editor

During football games the players need support, and the WCHS student section, The Tribe, does its best to cheer on the team and distract the opposing team from scoring. Jimmy Gruss, the senior student section leader, says that The Tribe is a cheerful time with lots of laughs and high energy that helps the players. This year, he is setting out to improve the student section to support the football team, while senior varsity football player Jake Perry and Head Coach Darrin Fisher are gearing up to make this 2018 season and the traditions better than ever before.

Gruss believes that the student section helps the players’ performance because they have a strong section supporting and giving them energy through the game.

“I feel like the student section helps the players’ performance because it gets them hype and lets them know they’re being supported by all the other students,” Gruss said.

According to Gruss, the students can also support athletes by just being at the games and giving them a huge crowd to cheer them on.

“Students can support athletes in a helpful way by just showing up to the games and just showing that there is a big crowd there. That always helps the team play when there is a crowd,” Gruss said.

While the student section is cheering, there are players on the field needing support and love from the crowd. Fisher said that while it is always nice to hear your parents and friends cheering you on from the stands, having your peers cheer you on is a huge driving force for some players’ performances.

“Well I think at the game, it’s energy. Obviously everybody wants to be supported and I think the energy of the crowd just makes the ability to play for somebody else. You’re always better when you play for somebody else,” Fisher said.

Gruss is planning on keeping traditions going this year and he wants to get the seniors involved in the traditions that The Tribe participates in.

“We always do U.S.A night against Franklin and Senior night is white out and seniors will wear togas,” Gruss said.

Jake Perry says that The Tribe assists in the team’s performance because they have a whole school behind them.

“It increases the performance of the team because we have a whole school behind us and supporting us,” Perry said.

Perry says a tradition that he remembers is when the student section charged the field after the Franklin game and it was fun and important to the team to see the love and support they needed to keep the boot.

Supporting the WCHS student section is a great way to get involved, make new friends and relate on one common topic: football, basketball, or any other sporting event at WCHS. Coaches and players need the support everyone at the game gives to them while they are playing.

“I think being involved in school and being active in school makes school a whole lot more fun. Don’t be the ‘I don’t care’ person.’ Most of the time when students join the student section they realize that they have a lot more in common with people,” Fisher said.

Fisher believes that people can get involved and make sure that they are having fun during their high school years. The senior class can lead by example and come to the games to make sure that they are having fun and getting the underclassmen to get involved as well.

Come support the WCHS football team this year during the season at all of the home games. You can purchase a student pass for $25 in the athletic office at the North Campus to get into all the games. The next game you can attend is tonight at home against Franklin starting at 7:30 PM.


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