WCHS maintains facilities

By Emma Gibson

Staff Reporter

“Follow your passion” is a common phrase that is known by many. Whether someone’s passion is football, soccer or marching band, they can’t follow their passion without a clean and maintained facility.

More goes into maintaining the sports facilities at Whiteland Community High School than you may think.  

Athletic Director Ken Sears oversees the maintenance of our school’s athletic facilities. Justin Ray runs the Grounds Department, which maintains all of the outside athletic facilities and fields, including the football stadium, baseball stadium, softball stadium and the soccer complex.

The Grounds Department, which consists of six employees, cleans the outside athletic facilities on a weekly basis. Volunteers are also hired to help out.

“We hire volunteer groups for football and after football we try to get all the trash picked up on a varsity night,” Sears said.

Unfortunately, vandalism of our fields and the school rock that represents the Whiteland football team has been an issue in the past. For example, the rock was vandalized in September of 2016 and in August of 2015.

When this happens, the Grounds Department is responsible  for the clean up.

Michael Hand, Whiteland High School’s track and wrestling coach, states that his players are great about picking up after themselves, so trash isn’t really a concern with most of the sports facilities.

“The throwers are pretty good; they don’t really leave their water bottles around too much,” Hand said.

Sarah Scott, a student athlete at Whiteland Community High School, also said that the sports facilities were maintained well.

“I would consider the facility I use to be to be very well maintained. It is always picked up and in order,” Scott said.

To ensure our facilities are clean, the clean up crew and volunteers make sure that our school remains a nice, clean place, because student-athletes often spend more time at school and sports than at home.

A great deal actually goes into keeping up with clean up and maintenance of the sports facilities, but at the end of the day it’s all worth it.


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