WCHS implements new rules for this year

By Ava Joniec and Emma Gibson
Staff Reporters

At the start of the 2018-19 school year, WCHS implemented several new school rules including lanyards, parking lot restrictions, locked door routes, period four and senior absences.

The lanyards are used to identify the people who are supposed to be on school property. The period four change was created because some students were not utilizing period four for its academic purposes. The locked doors are a safety measure to prevent unwanted persons from entering our school.

Many students have felt safer with the new regulations, but some have commented on the difficulties the new measures create. Some hallways are more difficult to navigate with the closure of doors. While it has increased security at WCHS, it has been challenging for some students to make it through the large crowd of students in time.

Students may think that the rules are here to make our lives more difficult. However, the school is actually preparing students for the real world, keeping people safe and preventing anything or anyone from intruding and harming staff, students or property. WCHS students may find the rules to be unimportant, but in reality they are imperative to the school safety. WCHS Principal Tom Zobel said he understood the perspective of the students, yet was able to stand firm on the rules.

“What students have to understand is we don’t do this to make life miserable for them or to be mean and say, ‘Okay, what can we do to make everybody mad?’ That’s not the goal. We are looking at ways to make our school a safer and more secure place. That is where most of the rules have come from and that’s based on recommendation from law enforcement and from other schools security experts,” Zobel said. “So we want people to take it serious so the consequences have to be there. If you’re going to willfully defy to wear your ID, or park in a certain place, then there have to be consequences for those students that say, ‘I’m not going to do that that’s stupid.’ Well, you have to understand we take it pretty serious so there has to be something in place.”

While the students have their own opinions, the teachers and administrators know more about the rules and the reasons the changes were made. Both sides are equally important to the well being of our school. The more students are able to understand the rules, the more they can accept them as an everyday part of life.

English teacher Malerie Jeffries informed us that the school rules are here for our own safety.

“While the lanyards may be problematic for the students who have to remember them, they are a safety feature that prevents an intruder from entering our school and causing damage to anyone or anything,” Jeffries said.

The regulations on the lanyards are a change that will positively impact WCHS.

It is preparing us for the future with jobs and security. The more we include the rules, the less there is a chance of any harm coming to any students, staff and administrators.

Bri Harwell, a current senior and athlete at WCHS, described some of the ways the new regulations have impacted her including closed door routes, senior absences and the importance of the lanyards.

“They’ve helped me to feel a little bit more secure, and safer while being in the building. Which it did cause a little bit of inconvenience with, like, routes being cut off, but I think it’s helped in a positive way. It’s helped keep us all safer,” Harwell said.

WCHS is exploring new ways to keep the students, staff and administration safe at all times.

After the recent events of school shootings and threats, many schools will be transitioning to similar procedures.

Administration is not trying to make life harder on the students, but working to keep them safe and prepared for life beyond school.

Students should cooperate with the new rules, because they are here to stay and keep us safe.



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