Video Game Review: Splatoon 2’s “Octo Expansion”

By Jakob Ronimous
Staff Reporter

Released on June 13 on the Nintendo Switch, Splatoon 2’s “Octo Expansion” is a $20 add-on to the main game, meaning you must buy and download it separately. The player plays as Agent 8, an “Octoling” who lost their memory after fighting the main character from the first game. The main goal is to collect four “thangs” spread throughout the Deepsea Metro.

Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion boasts a single player campaign with 80 levels. Some stages can range from easy to frustrating and there are a few levels that stand out for their difficulty spike. However, if the player struggles to clear a level it can be skipped and done later.

Overall, the DLC is a thrilling experience for those looking for a challenge. After hours of playing, there are still things to do and find.



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