Homecoming shopping: save money and feel beautiful

By Jaelin Engle and Halie Wingo
News Editor and Opinion Editor

Girls shopping for a homecoming dress can become easily stressed because of the overwhelming amount of time and money they may need to spend to find their “perfect dress.” While homecoming dress shopping can be fun, staying within a set budget and finding a dress you love can be difficult. Not only is it hard to find a store that will match your price range, but it is also difficult to find a store that will have options that you are interested in. We decided to put some stores and dresses to the test to see where to buy from and what to buy. Whether you have a big budget, or a small one, there are several stores you can choose from to shop for dresses with a range of styles and prices.

At Windsor, the dresses were cheaply made and it made sense to have low prices. The average price range was around $50 to $100. They had a decently large selection of dresses to choose from, but they nearly fell apart as we tried them on. Their sizes did not fit like they said they did on the tags, but they had nice dresses and unique options there that are worth considering, especially if people have a lower budget and are only wearing the dress for one night.

At Von Maur, they had a smaller selection of dresses, but the selection will grow larger as homecoming draws near. The prices are a little higher and they range from around $100 to $200. The dresses were well made, extremely beautiful, and well worth your time to try on and look at. There are many styles of dresses that complement many different body types and many styles and colors. They are an acceptable option if you have a smaller to medium budget for a dress and they have so many options near homecoming time, that you won’t have the same dress as anyone else.

Raelynn’s dresses are extremely well made, but are much more expensive than other places. They have a huge selection and dresses range from around $100 to $300 on average. The dresses are high quality and are organized well within the store by color with various styles mixed into the color selections. There are so many beautiful options for dresses with sparkles and rhinestones and matching shoes and jewelry as well. They have a sale area with many dresses marked down and have a satisfying selection of dresses within the sale section.

David’s Bridal had a small selection of homecoming dresses. They had low prices and the dresses were made to hold up with a few different styles like some strapless dresses, two-piece dresses, and some shorter and longer dresses. The average price was around $100 to $200. The prices made sense for the styles, types and construction of the dresses.

A great store to go to if you are looking for a one of a kind dress and have a smaller budget would be GoodWill. They get tons of donations from people who no longer need their homecoming dresses. Many of the dresses they receive are vintage and hard to find other places. The prices of the dresses are often very affordable, with dresses around $20 to $50, or even less with a discount. While the dresses might not be brand new, they are usually unique.

Dress shopping can be a bit stressful and time consuming, but when you have a budget in place and stores you want to look at, it makes it a more exciting and easier time.

Finding a dress that looks good on you and not what is popular at the time can be more important than just wearing whatever everyone else is wearing.

Make sure you are comfortable and look your best on an extremely exciting night of your high school career.


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