TV Show Review: “AP Bio”

Lydia Cope
Staff Reporter

“AP Bio” is a hilarious sitcom that is based around the revenge of an all-star Harvard Philosophy professor. When the unstable Jack Griffin overreacts and loses his dream job, he reluctantly moves back to Ohio and is forced to teach AP Bio because of his lack of money. However, when his rival gets his dream job and fantastic things come his enemy’s way, Jack loses it. Since Jack is lazy and could care less about biology, he makes the kids a promise. If no one tells he is not teaching biology, then everyone gets an A; if anyone snitches, then they get an F.

I love this series because of the amazing actors and subtle wittiness. This show will also make you laugh numerous times. Jack Griffin’s class is every slacking student’s dream class. Thankfully at Whiteland we don’t have this issue.


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