Students selected for leadership conference

Stephanie Lingenfelter
Editor in Chief

Four WCHS juniors, Branson Starr, Jagroop Singh, Lucy Mendoza and Grace Brewington will be learning all about leadership at a conference at Trine University, Hoosier Boys and Girls State. Five boys and two girls were selected by teachers, but only two of the five guys selected will be attending. The four attendees will also be learning more about the US government.

Dean of Students Dave Bechinski is the sponsor of the male students and participated himself when he was in high school. A form was sent out to all the teachers to help select the attendees. Bechinski explained the program is about leadership and government.

“It’s a program where kids from all over the state of Indiana go to Trine University in the summer and they learn about student leadership and they meet new kids and learn about the Indiana government and how the political system runs. It is a summer camp for people who love social studies, but it’s not social studies,” Bechinski said.

Junior Jagroop Singh, one of the boys attending the camp, said he is excited for this experience.

“I decided to participate in HBS because I heard it was a great honor. At first I didn’t realize exactly what I was going to attend but after the facts started to sink in, I began looking forward to it. I was given an opportunity to participate in this prestigious program and I intend to exploit it my fullest ability,” Singh said.

According to Bechinski, this camp will allow students to meet people statewide and aid them in becoming exceptional leaders.

“You get a chance to be around other kids from the state. From a sociological standpoint, they get the chance to meet someone who is probably a little different then them,” Bechinski said. “That is what life is. From the political side of it, you get to build leadership skills, and that is something I think everyone has to have.”

Junior Grace Brewington, one of the female attendees, is looking forward to learning about her country’s government.

“This experience will enlighten me about the US Government, something I have little to no knowledge about now. Partaking in this event will allow me to become an educated voter and citizen of this country,” Brewington said.

Senior Joseph Leistner attended the camp last year and gained collaboration skills.

“At Hoosier Boys State, I learned a lot about Indiana’s government, but I also learned very valuable lessons on how to work with other people. My favorite thing about Hoosier Boys State was hanging out with the other people there. We did a lot of fun activities together apart from learning about Indiana’s government,” Leistner said.

This camp allows for numerous new opportunities for students, especially with college and scholarships. To get into a military school, one of the questions is if they’ve been a Hoosier State participant, so it’s an advantage when applying.

Seniors David Ryan and Leistner both attended the camp last year, which helped Ryan gain admittance to West Point and Leistner accepted into the Air Force Academy.


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