Advanced placement and dual credit challenge students

Whitney Black
Entertainment Editor

For those up for a challenge in their classes, WCHS has multiple opportunities. The higher level courses are advanced placement (AP) and dual credit (DC). Although they are both high level classes, AP is slightly more challenging than DC. Many students do not know the difference between the two and typically don’t know how to choose which option is best suited for them.

One of the classes that offers regular, DC and AP is U.S. History. AP and DC U.S. History (APUSH and DCUSH) teacher Justin Brownfield discussed the difference in these two courses.

“APUSH has a bit more focus on the skills in writing. There is a lot more essays and contextualization, whereas DCUSH is a bit more focused on the history as it progresses and a bit more compare/contrast. Both have their unique challenges,” Brownfield said.

In both DC and AP classes, college credit is an opportunity. In DC U.S. History (DCUSH) if the student has a “C” or higher than they get the credit. DCUSH is ran through Indiana State University; however, other colleges accept the credit. In AP courses at the end of the year there is there is an AP exam and according to College Board each college has a different credit policy in what a student will receive based on the scores.

Junior Brandon Burns is enrolled in DC U.S History (DCUSH) and AP Language. Burns described these classes.

“I feel like first semester DCUSH was way harder than second semester but the class overall is not difficult. Work wise, I think AP Lang and DCUSH have about the same amount,” Burns said.

Some may question what the workload is like in these courses; since AP and DC are college level it may be assumed that there is more work. However, Brownfield discussed how AP and DC differentiate in their workload.

“The workload of DCUSH is not as much as AP, but it’s more than regular. It’s not really the middle of the road but more of the upper level middle,” Brownfield said.

AP Language teacher Brooke Fuentes described why it is an effective opportunity for students to take AP courses and how she prepares her students for the AP exam through real world topics.

“In my class I try to prepare for the AP test while working in as many world topics as possible. Research shows that AP classes prepare students better for college,​” Fuentes said.

Another thing about DC courses is there is a fee depending on the course; however, it is much cheaper than what it would be in college. For example, DC U.S. History is $75 per semester.

AP Language, APUSH, and DCUSH are just some of the few AP/DC classes available.

There are AP/DC courses in almost all the departments here at WCHS. These are great a way for students to get out of their comfort zone.

These courses are offered to anyone who is up for the challenge. They are also a great opportunity for students to get college credit and prepare for higher education after high school.


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