Whiteland counselors give insight on avoiding drama

By Stephanie Lingenfelter
Editor in Chief

Everyday the high school hallways are plagued with drama, which adds more stress to students’ already stressful lives. Most students have faced drama and dealt with it in high school, but the social media platforms available now leave more opportunities for it to occur. Counselor Laura Ehringer explained drama usually starts from a small misunderstanding.

“The main sources of drama, usually it is some sort of misunderstanding, and then it just escalates. ‘Well I thought this student was talking about me,’ and so now all the friends are involved. Now it has become this big thing where people argue or fight and they are saying mean things on social media,” Ehringer said. “It always starts from something very small; I’m not going to say it is always innocent because sometimes there is drama that somebody is being mean to someone else, but a lot of times it is misunderstandings and friends getting involved blowing things out of proportion.”

Junior Elizabeth Roseman believes social media has allowed more opportunities for drama. According to Pew Research Center, 68 percent of teens who have social media have seen people starting drama online and 31 percent have fought with friends in real life after something they saw online.

“I think social media causes drama and makes drama worse because people say and do stupid things on the internet that they would not in person,” Roseman said.
FACS teacher Becky Canary sees it cause self-esteem issues.

“Although I think it is hard to avoid drama, I think it is important that they [students] don’t get around drama because it takes all their attention away from what they need to be focused on, so it affects their self-esteem, it affects their general relationships,” Canary said.

Junior Ricardo Santos sees drama cause unnecessary stress.

“Avoiding drama just makes your life a lot easier. A lot of high school teenagers are always caught up in the moment and stuck in the moment; they never look ahead if it’s going to matter in a few years. Or even days with how high school is, there is always something else in days that people get caught up in. When you avoid these problems, you can live a stress free life and really focus on what’s important, like your education,” Santos said.

According to Belief Net, drama can lead to loss or gain of appetite, problems sleeping and panic attacks. Drama can also cause heart problems because a stress hormone causes an increase in blood pressure. This puts people at a higher risk for heart attacks.

Drama can also get in the way of one’s academic performance. Ehringer sees some people who get so caught up in drama that it takes up all their time.

“Some people can handle the drama and still do their work. For others, it stops them in their tracks, it is all they can think about, they stop listening to the teacher, they stop doing whatever they are supposed to be doing at their desk, whether it is listening or doing something on their chromebook, and now all of sudden they are typing emails to friends and they are on their phones underneath their desks, and it just stops them, literally from listening because they become consumed with the drama, whether it is their own or their friends’ drama,” Ehringer said.

Be kind to others and think before posting. Take a step back and re-address the situation. It probably isn’t as bad as originally thought.


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