Testing students’ college readiness with the SAT

By Taelor Engle
Opinion Editor

The SAT is a standardized assessment that tests subjects that every student takes throughout their learning career, according to collegereadiness.collegeboard.org. These subjects are history, math, literature and language.

According to blog.prepscholar.com, the average SAT is about 1080. Every college is different though. For an Ivy League school, such as Harvard, they require an SAT score at a minimum of 1540, according to prepscholar.com. For a school like IU, an SAT score of 1190 to a 1360 is average. SAT scores are important to help determine college readiness. There’s also a PSAT test, which is the Practice SAT. At WCHS, students during junior and sophomore year of high school take the test first semester. The PSAT helps students prepare for the SAT by giving them SAT style questions.

WCHS counselor Kelly Rose spoke about resources that help prepare students for the SAT.

“The SAT is a Scholastic Achievement Test and its purpose is for colleges to see if the student taking it is ready. When students take the PSAT and they get those results back, they have a special code they received that they can log onto collegeboard.com and practice the things that they didn’t do well on,” Rose said.

Some educational websites such as Khan Academy offer free SAT practice. There are also SAT practice books. These can be rented from the local library or ordered online.

Here at WCHS, math teachers have started using SAT questions for bell ringers. Math teacher Stephanie Wicke explained how doing SAT questions for bell ringers is expected to help students.

“It exposes students to the style of SAT questions. Sometimes the question is an Algebra 2 topic, but other times I choose questions from Algebra 1 or Geometry to give students an opportunity to review some topics that they haven’t seen in a while,” Wicke said.

The next SAT date is May 5 and the deadline to sign up for this SAT is April 6. According to princetonreview.com, the best time to take the SAT is in the spring of junior year, then to retake it in the fall of senior year. There are benefits to taking the SAT as a junior. According to collegereadiness.collegeboard.org, it helps improve their skills on certain subjects that they struggle in. Then, students can continue to take the test to improve their score.

Chloe Ellis, a junior at WCHS, is signed up to take the SAT on March 10 and discussed why she decided to take the test early.

“It determines what colleges I can apply for and that’s really nerve-wracking when I’m having trouble deciding what college I wanna go to,” Ellis said.
Students preparing for the SAT can utilize practice books, resources posted on the College Board website, and even SAT apps, like Ready4 SAT and Daily practice for the New SAT.

To sign up for the SAT, students should visit the College Board website. The closest testing center for the May 5 test is Greenwood Community High School. The fee is $60 with the essay and $46 without, but waivers are available.


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