WCHS Track team prepares for the 2018 season

By Alyssa Daniels
Sports Editor

Track season has finally arrived with the team’s meet today at the University of Indianapolis. All the athletes are preparing to win in their own ways.

In a normal track meet, there are 16 events varying from five field events to pole vault, long jump, shot put, discus and high jump. The running events span from 100 meters to the two mile. All events require the athletes to put an enormous amount of practice and preparation into their event.

Health teacher, APC coach and track coach Brandon Bangel has been coaching track for 12 years, one year as an assistant coach at Ben Davis and 11 years here at WCHS. Bangel ran track from the sixth grade, all the way through college. Those years are what inspired him to be a track coach.

The main goal is to make it to and win the Mid-State Conference. In track’s postseason, the main goal is to send as many individuals to state as possible.

“The biggest goal for us always is to just try to win the conference, Mid-State Conference. Those are schools that are similar in size, similar in talent, so it’s probably the best representation of where we are as a track program,” Bangel said. “We certainly try to compete and win a county meet; Center Grove has won that for a long time but we still strive to do that. Beyond that, for us in postseason to try to get as many individuals in relays to state finals as possible is always a big goal of ours.”

For the team to reach their goal of making it to Mid-State Conference, Bangel and the rest of the track staff make sure they break down the practices so it’s not all focusing on one work out.

“We are pretty fortunate; we have a pretty large staff so we really spend a lot on skill development within the events so we try to break the high jump down into different parts and practice each part specifically and the same thing is true with our sprints,” Bangel said. “We look at different phases of the sprints and work on different parts of the sprint on different days. So we really try to work on the whole picture of what we are trying to accomplish and try to break it down into pieces so we can practice each piece incrementally.”

Sophomore track member Karen Salazar runs the 100 and 200 meters. She decided to do track her freshman year since she enjoyed running so much and loved being apart of a team. Salazar explained the goals she has for herself this season.

“To have a good practices and get better and definitely prove myself,” Salazar said.

Salazar discussed what she has done to prepare for this season.

“I’ve gone to all of the after school workouts and the running days in APC really help me prepare to run the long distances,” Salazar said.

Junior track member Reese Krajewski competes in high jump. She had started track as a freshman but just started competing in high jump last season. This season, the main goal for the team is to make it to the Mid-State Conference and Krajewski hopes the girls win more meets than last year.

Krajewski discussed what her personal goals are for this season.

“My goal for this season is to jump at least 4’8” so that I could beat my personal record from last season,” Krajewski said.

All these athletes have been working hard for this season and Bangel has been pushing them to be the best they can be in their event. They’re ready to face it all.


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