WCHS offers Psych class

By Nikkel Mitchell
Staff Reporter

WCHS has opened its doors to a class about Psychology, the science of behavior and the mind. The WCHS/Ivy Tech class offers three college credits once the student has completed this semester-long course. Normally, a Psychology course would cost around $600, but other than spending some time and textbook fee of $30, this course is free of charge!

For nearly six years, WCHS guidance counselor Dave McMillan has been teaching the Psychology 101 course that offers the chance for WCHS students to get three college credits when going to study Psychology at Ivy Tech through the WCHS program. Taking a psychology class can help someone better understand themselves.

“Psychology credits, regardless what you study in college, will probably satisfy what is called a humanities requirement for your college major. And, like I said before, I don’t think it really matters what an individual goes into, having a basic understanding of yourself, and other people around you, will be a great benefit no matter what you do,” McMillan said.

With the class only being a semester long, there are many different units to squeeze in, but McMillan makes sure to make time for it all. He also makes sure the class understands the material, while going at a fast pace.

“We do an introductory chapter, just understanding the historical basis behind psychology, and then we cover research. We talk about the brain, and how different parts of the brain and chemicals in the brain affect our behavior. We talk about things like classical conditioning and operant conditioning,” McMillan said. “We do a unit on life span development and personality development, which is where we talk about theories behind personality development, and then students actually take their own personality assessments. [We] finish up doing a unit on abnormal behavior and mental illness.”

WCHS Junior Leesha Thacker is enrolled in the Psychology 101 course to better her overall knowledge about psychology for her future profession as a psych ward nurse.

“I feel like after this class I will have a better understanding of psychology since I will know more of the actual science of it, rather than just what is presented on the internet,” Thacker said.

The Psychology 101 course has been an Ivy Tech and WCHS course for approximately six years, and over those six years, according to McMillan, WCHS has really wanted to expand the dual credit opportunities for a student. This class offers just that.


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